Monday, 27 November 2006

to do before Thurs 30th Nov 2006

For Black & White Fabric Journal:-
1. strengthen and start embellishing pocket page
2. finish line page by couching something down...
3. photograph black and white materials and play with them for inspiration

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Black & White Fabric Book

This project was first started at the end of July (before Baby Girl). I bought the Pam Sussman book, Fabric Art Journals, during the summer and loved it. I have messed around with constructing paper books but not fabric. I decided to try and construct a book using the simple binding technique shown in the book. This has to be a small pick up and put down project and will be handstitched. I have limited myself to black & white fabrics and threads (left over from a City & Guild piece) and bought myself some wadding. It will show lots of different stitches and techniques and I can use it as a sampler (for C&G purposes and for future reference).

Friday, 24 November 2006

City & Guilds Accessories Project - Misson Statement

MISSION STATEMENT - Black and White accessories for everyday evenings or sparkly days. Explore black and white patterns, objects and images. Chess boards and pieces; dairy cows and zebras; my black and white print skirt. Newspaper print and crosswords; the grim reaper and bride-to-be; my fair lady at the races. Polo mints and liquorice, snowflakes and charcoal. Chalk on a blackboard, a dollop of cream in a coffee. Explore textures – contrasts and complements. A collection of black bits, a collage of whiteness and all mixed up together. Decorating an arm – highlighting a wrist, accessorising an outfit making a statement. Try out lots of techniques on a small canvas; consider scale - BIG and small. Play with strength - delicate and tough. Explore textures – rough and smooth. Different fabrics – rich and luxurious, plain and simple. Handmade wool felt and synthetic chiffons. A bunch of beads, paper, fabric, pasta, plastic, glass and metal, strung on thread, elastic and ribbon. Decorating with stitchery. Dissolvable fabric – trapping glitz and glamour; dissolving a lacy and delicate structure, creating a grid to weave and embellish. Manipulate fabric with folds, pleats, cutting and slashing. How to secure? Some fastenings hidden, some on show. Secure on your own or ask for some help. How to display? A totem pole to have them on show, a box to keep them safe. A folio to be opened with a flourish or a roll to hide away.

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