Sunday, 31 December 2006

Take a Stitch Tuesday Prep

I've started thinking about the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge which starts on 2nd January. I've decided to use a 6"x4" postcard size and I've looked out some fabric to prepare. I'm including handmade felt and dyed fabric from previous projects. I think the emphasis should be on the actual stitch but it would be interesting to see what can be achieved on different backgrounds. I especially like stitching on thick handmade felt. I also looked out my stash of threads. All neatly colour coded!

I had planned to use eyelets to thread my samples together to make a book but knowing me I'll probably get hung up on how to thread the book together!

And I don't have an eyelet tool!

So I've decided to use a book I already have. It has 17 pages (7.5"x6.25") and I can add more pages relatively easily.

I'm not going to get to ahead of myself though as no doubt I'll be inspired by the way the other participants approach this challenge. So, I reserve the right to change my mind!

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