Monday, 26 February 2007

Knitting with plastic bags

Witchypoos experiments with plastic carrier bags reminded me of my pencil case, knitted with Tesco bags.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Another two weeks have past....

I've managed to catch up and post my Take a Stitch Tuesday stitching. But I've made no further progress on my fabric book. I need to prepare some more pages and then I can easily pick them up and stitch when I get some spare time. Firstly, I need to prepare some white fabric for my seam treatment page. This will involve adding texture to white calico and then piecing them together to produce this:-
Secondly, I need to get some pretreated fabric that I can run through my printer. I know I can soak my own fabric but it seems abit of a phaff as I only want to do a small amount of printing at the moment. For example my Introduction page for the Black & White book. Which I've still to write!

I've also been thinking of stitching a cover for my stitch dictionary which is evolving with the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. I plan to pick my favourite use of each stitch and produce a linear sampler which I can cover my book with. I want to do this as the challenges progresses. So
I need to measure out my fabric and get stitching!

I have loads of other stuff to do, but I'm too tired to list!

Fly Stitch Sample

I've caught up with Take a Stitch Tuesday!


Week 8 is Fly Stitch.

Strange how it looks more like feathers than feather stitch.

I liked layering the stitch and also the flying figures that appeared when the stitch is back to back.

Feather Stitch Sample

Week 7 already on the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge!

I love this stitch. I wanted to show it in a range of threads - fluffy through to one strand of cotton.

Eyelet Stitch Sample

I've finally got a chance to post this sample. Its only 3 weeks late!

The sketches:-

And the finished sample. I wanted to try different thread thicknesses and I have the best selection in black (and it was to hand!)

I liked using the stitch to fill irregular shapes. I also like threading beads on too. I was keen to make bigger holes in the center and found that a finer thread produced the best results on my 14 count Aida. I would like to try it on calico and maybe punch a hole to make it more obvious.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Catching up

Its been several weeks since I've been able to fully check out all my favourite blogs and subsequent links. Not sure how much time I have so I'll be quick....

I found this site through Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal. The Creative Act has a project in February where each day participants post a daily exercise on a weekly theme they have assigned for themselves. There are some very interesting images and I love Keri's creations for the first week using her everyday materials. They're like visual lists... must think about doing something like that. Perhaps something using all the forgotten materials I find whilst unpacking and reorganising my stitchery stuff for my new workspace (not built yet but progressing!)

wavy quilt tutorial from Cramzy

Make your own digital stamps at art-e-zine found via Judy Scott. I have tried this before (my blog photo is a version of this) but must have another go, perhaps for my black and white fabric book.

These great projects found via Whip Up:-
boxes from all buttoned up
paper quilt project
easy dolls
make your own notebooks
fabric pillows
drawstring bag from Happy Things (a site I must investigate further!)

so much inspiration!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

My new workspace

I used to have a space where I could store my stitchery stuff and a large (dining) table on which to scatter it. But since before Baby Girl was born my stuff has been packed away in boxes in the bedroom, with bits and bods taken out as and when needed. But I need a space again, just a small one, to scatter my stuff. There is a space under the eaves where I could fit a small desk and a shelf. So I'd have a dedicated work space to escape to...

So... after a quick trip to Ikea (yes really - only 2.5 hours!) I am now the proud owner of a desk (with slide out shelf for laptop), a cork notice board, a lamp and a shelf. I'm going to use an old drawer storage unit to store my fabrics and papers and an old metal storage unit already houses my beads and sequins. All for under £25!

Now I just need to build it....

Blackwork Hand

After hours of stitching on waste canvas my handstitched hand page has turned from this -

into this -

Its not perfect. I messed up the pattern (can you spot where?) and some of the stitches have distorted when I removed the waste canvas (a nerve wracking experience) but I like it.

Not quite subversive but a little rebellious....

I intend to add a separate page before this page. A white transparent fabric or paper with a white stitched grid.

And obviously even more stitching on the hand page itself.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Another week has past....

Still struggling to fit everything in! My last To Do list is almost complete!

*prepare plan of action for green fields throw (City & Guilds assessment piece) VERY IMPORTANT started!
*think about how to create a dedicated work space for my stitching done - off to Ikea!
*cretan stitch sampler for Take a Stitch Tuesday done, see below!
*week 5 stitch sampler for Take a Stitch Tuesday have decided to pass on chevron stitch!

I have managed to complete the blackwork pattern on my hand page for the black and white fabric book. I just need to remove the waste canvas (eek!). Hopefully post photos on Wednesday.

My new To Do list:-
*remove waste canvas from hand page, photograph and blog
*add detached chain to lines page, photograph and blog
*blog plan
of action for green fields throw (City & Guilds assessment piece).

All before Friday!

Cretan Stitch Sampler

I've never tried this stitch before and I really enjoyed using it. My sketches were very uninspired!

I found it looser than blanket and herringbone. If I didn't concentrate the stitch took on its own shape and pattern. I enjoyed this quality and the stitch moved between open and closed quite naturally along the wavy lines I drew on my fabric.

I used a variety of threads in shades of turquoise. The structure of the stitch - the arms- are hidden by the fluffy thread (at least on my 6"x4" sampler) so I stitched over them with a metallic thread. I found the finer threads, raffia and ribbon worked well.

The line second from right was worked one way then worked over from the other direction. creating a honeycomb effect. I simply ran a thread under the stitches and left it dangling.

I think the colours could have been stronger but overall I'm pleased with the effects .
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