Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Baby Girl's asleep....

on her own.....

I'm way behind with my stitching.

Take a Stitch Tuesday
I've completed my cross stitch sampler and I've nearly finished my up and down buttonhole. I think I have another 3 weeks to do to catch up!

This sample is probably more about the background fabric than the stitching! Its leftover from some samples I did for a City & Guilds project.

I'll post the instructions later.

Black & White Journal
NO progress. Only more ideas!

Green Fields Throw
I have started the surface stitching on the pieces of felt I have already made. Its not much (lots more to add) but a start.

I need a new to do list!

Tube Dyed Fabric

linear landscape description, originally uploaded by fionacupcake.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

I've joined a (nother) new group

How to Wreck a Journal is Keri Smiths new project. The website explains abit more. I'm hoping to be able to post to Flickr group soon.

I was given a lovely little sketchbook by a friend. It has thick paper (sewn thick signatures) and fabric cover and it is sitting on a shelf looking lovely. And perfect. And unused.

I think I have a project for it now!

my stitching journey began with a cross stitch

I'm behind schedule again with Take a Stitch Tuesday - about 3 weeks behind! I still have cross stitch, barred chain and a buttonhole variant to do.

This unfinished cross stitch sampler has been lying about for a while and is/was an exercise in colour theory for my C&G Certificate. I got the idea from the Caron Collection website.

I started my stitchery adventures doing cross stitch. The 'granny' type - following charts, colour codes and fabric types to produce pleasing pictures. Some even surprised me in their effectiveness.

There are some lovely ungranny like designs and colours now. This is part of a birth sampler kit. The motifs are stitched on plastic canvas before being cut out and hung on washing line.

As soon as I didn't need to stitch to relax I stopped doing cross stitch and became more freeform. Still kit based in the begining as I didn't have the right materials.

This one is by Rowandean. With a few beaded embellishments....

I then took a course and produced this...

I then bought a book and produced this.

And then the fun really started!

Monday, 12 March 2007

green fields throw - the story so far

This is my third piece for my City & Guilds Certificate in Craft and Design (Embroidery).

I wanted a blanket/throw inspired by agriculture landscape. The initial vision was of a felt patchwork with surface embroidery. As usual I got a bit distracted and spent time constructing other types of fabric. Most of them unsuitable for a blanket! I should have spent more time on different felt making techniques.

In the end I settled on a traditional felt making method (wool tops combed and layered then rubbed with some soap and a lot of elbow power, then rinsed).

I'm using merino wool tops from Texere in 4 colours - Lincoln Green, Mustard, Gold and Olive. I blended the colours to produce this colour sample book:-

The actual patchwork design was determined by the largest size of felt I could make (I was pregnant at the time and it is physically hard work!).

The finished throw will be approx 110 x 85cm.

So far I've made 4 out of the 7 pieces. These 3 form the middle band (without stitching)

The stitches I've chosen include:-
buttonhole (like in the middle above)
straight/seed (shown below)
wheatear (shown below)
cretan (I think)

I like the freeform edges of the felt and intend to use these lines both internally and as an outside to the throw.


To Do list

*make the 3 other pieces.
a light yellow piece (30 x 85cm)
a light green piece (45 x 25cm)
a dark green piece (45 x 25cm)
*Start surface stitching!
*Decide on how I'm going to join the pieces together... a simple straight stitch?

My goodness. That's a lot of felt.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

to do

*ATC for Yahoo swap
*action plan for green fields throw (I MUST I MUST I MUST)
*some black and white stuff!
*prepare fabric, plan and start stitching cover to stitch dictionary
*catch up with Take a Stitch Tuesday - cross stitch and barred chain

New project!

I've signed up for an ATC swap with my City & Guilds textile group on Yahoo. I need to have them ready for posting on 4th May. I'm not sure how many I need to make yet as it depends on how many of the group sign up. I would like to have a theme. Ideas I've considered:-

* trees. I'm really taken by branches and tree structures and shapes at the moment.
* Baby Girl's stuff. I've been taking some photos of her clothes and toys. There are some lovely stitch ideas (e.g. reverse applique with a ribbon embroidery outline).
* photo manipulation and fabric transfer printing.

However the idea I think I will go with involves the stitch samples I've done for Take a Stitch Tuesday. I want to take my favourite use of the stitch and use it in an ATC. Or maybe I should try a fresh idea with the stitch (inspired by the other participants). I would have a common colour scheme (hopefully not black and white) to unify the set.

Since many of the swap participants read this blog I won't say anymore on. I'll post photos in mid May!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

inspirations from nature - part 4

Blue skies.

inspirations from nature - part 3

Taken by Ian in 2004. Click to enlarge.

I used this photo as inspiration in my first C&G project (sky, sea and sand sketchbooks, 2004) .

These are some photo manipulations I did using this photo.

And a page from my sketchbook showing some patterns.

inspirations from nature - part 2

Taken by Ian in August 2004. Click for a bigger, more detailed view.

inspirations from nature - part 1

During a very windy and wet walk through Cambo Gardens I came upon this tree with amazing bark.

I have know idea what type it is but it looks amazing. I wonder what it will look like in summer?
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