Saturday, 30 June 2007

half year review

at the start of the year I posted my stitchery resolutions. I think its time for a review.

*try out at least 80% of Take a Stitch Tuesday and post the results in a timely manner. This equates to approximately 42 stitches. so far I've actually done 18 stitches out of 26. I intend to catch up and do the last 4 stitches so I should meet my 80% target. I haven't been stitching or posting in a timely manner but hopefully that will improve!
*Complete all the pages of my fabric book and get it stitched together. Even more embellishment can be added then and the pockets filled. I don't think the book will ever be 'finished'. er..... have made some progress....
*Complete my C&G certificate. This means finishing my throw and my self portrait and my book of samples. eek! I can see a huge to do list for this resolution. This needs to be done before May (if my tutor hasn't run out of patience). er.... no progress, and have missed the May deadline.
*Take part in at least 2 swaps through the year. Maybe another ATC or a 6"x4" postcard. have done one swap within my Yahoo City & Guilds group.
* Blog at least 4 times a week. I don't have much free time and I'm learning to prioritise. Staring at Baby Girl is still top of the list! I want to document some of the projects I've done and also the projects I'm doing, so I've got plenty to write about. nearly!

I have added several new projects in the last 6 months (Alphabet, Wreck this Journal, Bad Photos). To keep track of these I've added a list to the sidebar which will hopefully keep me on track. I expect this list will just get bigger (and bigger and bigger)

So, my updated stitchery resolutions:-
*try out at least 80% of Take a Stitch Tuesday and post the results in a timely manner. This equates to approximately 42 stitches.
*complete all the pages of my fabric book and get it stitched together.
*take part in at least 1 other swap this.
*blog at least 4 times a week.
*participate in the Wreck this Journal project - contribute at least 3 pages to the Flickr site!
*continue looking for letters in the street. Think about how I can use them.
*bind the bad photos book
*participate fully in the Sumptuous Surfaces classes. Blog my progress.

knots, wheels and satin stitch

I will do a separate french knots sample for Take a Stitch Tuesday but I wanted to post my shingle sketchbook (1 of 3 hand stitch sketchbooks for my first C&G assessment piece).

It contains all 3 stitches, creating a thick textured, almost cuddly sketchbook cover.

click on the photo for a closer look.

satin stitch sample

Take a Stitch Tuesday, week 22 - satin stitch.

For this sample I wanted to use the pile of white fibres I have ready and waiting for my Black & White Fabric Journal (yes that IS still an active project).

I've also been clearing out some of my unfinished and "finished but unhappy with it" pieces, and came across some sketchbooks I had made.

I decided I would like them better if I used the hand stitched covers for something else (ATC collection?) and reuse the pages.

So the white fibres are satin stitched onto watercolour paper, I added some pencil shading at the end. I'm pleased with the result. Its not a full exploration of satin stitch but it looks effective as a sampler of my white fibres.

I'm pleased with the composition too, as it just evolved. I especially like the rubbed out pebbles at the top.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

another letter

crossed buttonhole stitch

Take a Stitch Tuesday, week 21 - crossed buttonhole.

Another buttonhole another favourite but I found it a little more difficult to get into a rhythm.

basque stitch sample

Take a Stitch Tuesday, week 19 - basque stitch.

This is my first attempt at this stitch and I really liked it. You have to twist the thread around the needle a certain way but I found it very flexible and loosens up really well.

I really like the detached effect in the middle of the top row and the random effect on the left of the top row.

it is finished

I didn't manage to cross stitch 10 butterflies. I managed another 3.

I think there was enough (12 in total) but I'm not sure they look right.

The idea was to use them to decorate a cake but they looked really hard and static, which isn't what butterflies are.

I finished edging the panel and it looks quite effective

As a challenge it was good. I had a deadline and someone (not Baby Girl) was relying on me completing it. But remind me not to do counted cross stitch again.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

counted cross stitch


I've run out of thread and I still have to edge the panel AND stitch another 10 butterflies!

oh dear. It needs to be finished on Thursday.

a new course - Sumptuous Surfaces

I've signed up for Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces class on Joggles.

It starts on 11th July .

I'm not sure how much time I'll have but I'll give it a go.

I like its focus on design and I'm hoping I will end up with a sketchbook of ideas (even if I don't complete any stitched pieces!)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

counted cross stitch

is soooooooooooooo time consuming

I'm stitching a panel 10cm x 10cm on perforated paper. Its taking ages!

but its coming together.....I need to have it ready for 28th June.

lets hope Baby Girl stays asleep.

Bad Photos

I've cleared out two boxes of photos and have a HUGE pile of bad photos. I also have a pile of photos that need to go into a photo album.

Why did I think that bad photos would provide inspiration!?!??!?? Most are horrendous - blurred gurning people with red eye! Another curse of BDC.

I did find a pile of black and white photos of Tarbert which will look great cut up and woven back together for my Black and White fabric book.

Why did I think a black and white film was appropriate for photos of a fishing village surrounded by mountains during a sailing weekend!?!?!?!?

Friday, 15 June 2007

another new project - Bad Photos

A friend asked for a photograph of a picture I made for another friend's daughter. I didn't have one, at least not a digital one.

I made it BDC - Before Digital Camera.

It feels odd that I don't have a jpeg of it. I felt like I had a record of everything... Baby Girl, everything I've drawn, stitched and knitted in the past 3 years. Even the garden and random letters in the street.

But I've forgotten about the time BDC. When you had to get the whole film developed (usually months after you had used it) and you were left with lots of bad photos - out of focus strangers with red eye,or missing heads and you wonder "Who the hell has been using my camera?"


I'm going to look through the boxes of photos I have. The ones not good enough to go in a photo album or in a frame. I'm sure I'll find inspiration - shapes and colours. Some might need to be cut up and reorganised, others could be distressed. I could get them bound and have a handy book of Bad Photos (rather than a box of Bad Photos!)

I wonder what I'll put on the cover...

Wheels sample

Take a Stitch Tuesday, week 18 - wheels sample. I like the effect of layering the webs and the stitch works well on the texture of the handmade paper.

running stitch sample

Take a Stitch Tuesday, Week 17 - running stitch. I like the middle band of fine running stitch columns.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday

I'm so behind

I last posted Oyster Stitch which was week 15. The challenge is now on week 24!!!

I have completed running stitch (week 17) and wheels (week 18) but I still need to do:-

week 24 - french knots
week 23 - wheatear
week 22 - satin stitch
week 21 - crossed buttonhole
week 20 - butterfly stitch
week 19 - basque stitch

I'll try a post photos later....

another new project....

this one has a deadline... 28th June.

oh dear.

I've been asked to cross stitch something for something. I'm not sure how secretive I need to be!

I've not done any cross stitch in ages, let alone designed a chart. I did a quick mock up on squared paper last night and looked out my Pritt stick. It involves a lot of letters.....

oh dear.

the pressure! strangely energising. I'll post vague updates when I can.

Baby Girl is sleeping so much better recently......

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Shhhhhh Baby Girl's asleep.

there is a discussion on the City & Guilds Yahoo group re sketchbooks/journals and how people use them. I love this part of City & Guilds and its been a real revelation that I can actually put together a sketchbook (or workbook as I prefer to call it) and refer back to it for inspiration months later.

for each assessment piece I took an A4 ring bound sketchbook and pulled it apart. Then stuck it all back together with fabric, stitching and fibres. I also added a few drawings too.

Some work better than others as a record of the final finished piece (sky sea and sand), others stand alone as resource of techniques (green fields throw) and one in particular is far more interesting than the finished piece (black and white accessory).

My self portrait workbook is a work in progress....

I hope I can carry this on without C&G but I think I will need a topic/subject/end goal to work with!

I've uploaded some more photos of my sky, sea and shingle workbook to Flickr. I really enjoyed looking through this book again. And I'm surprised at how much black and white stuff I did, way back in 2004.

I'll photograph the other books when I get a chance.

Some of my favourite pages...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

excuses excuses

I have a neverending list! They include chicken pox, teething, crawling, separation anxiety....

I am stitching (abit) and I'm hoping to be back to 'normal' service soon.

Things that have caught my eye....

LAB magazine
Fibre & Stitch (everyone has noticed this!)
Open Learning with Open University
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