Thursday, 30 August 2007


you are my sunshine
my little sunshine
you make me happy
when skies are grey
you are my sunshine
my little sunshine
and you chase the clouds away

happy birthday Baby Girl
one today

Monday, 27 August 2007

Bad Photos

I have removed bad photos from the project list. It wasn't as inspiring as I thought!

To mark the end of this project here is my favourite Before Digital Camera (BDC) bad photo.

Its not the best quality (scanned obviously!). It was taken 17 years ago (on my god!) in a caravan in Brittany. I think there was someone hiding in the background either that or I was taking a picture of a kettle and a teapot.... surely not...

Take a Stitch Tuesday catch up

I need to crack on with my Take a Stitch Tuesday to do list. Its HUGE. To this end I have cut up some old white curtain fabric (washed but not ironed!) and looked out half a dozen different black threads (stranded cotton, wool, perle etc) and have just got on with it.

No procrastination....(a first?)

So far I have done three stitches (posted below). All are firsts for me so I really enjoyed just using the basics, also I think they work well in black - like mark marking.

Does any stitch NOT work well in black? ... maybe knots....

My new updated list...

week 33 - scroll stitch
week 32 - crested chain stitch
week 31 - cast-on stitch
week 28 - sheaf stitch
week 24 - french knots (half done)
week 20 - butterfly chain

buttonhole wheel

Take a Stitch Tuesday, week 30 - buttonhole wheel. Enjoyed this one too. like the raggedy holes and stitching outwith the lines.

arrowhead stitch

Take a Stitch Tuesday, week 29 - arrowhead stitch. Really like this stitch! It works so well for pattern making.

half chevron stitch

Take a stitch Tuesday, week 26 - half chevron stitch. Quite liked this stitch, especially when done freestyle!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Encyclopedia of Me

Dy at Random Applique pointed out the Encyclopedia of Me which was started by Bella Dia.

Looks very interesting.... especially the A to Z wall hanging on her post (I MUST make one for Baby Girl! I can't believe she got it from a thrift shop!)

Bella Dia's idea is to make a post each day (during August) beginning with "A is for..." and on the 26th day, "Z is for..." (with some flexibility). Her posts will be on different random topics that somehow relate to her life. This appeals to me on several levels... Its a list (with a begining and an end), its organised (A to Z), its personal and its random...

Perhaps I could tie this in with my Alphabet project...

From Bella Dia's post I found Amy Rosenthal - Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Another book for my Amazon wish list.

Sumptuous Surfaces - a slide show

Black & White Fabric Book Progress...

I need to get going on this again... some photos of 'recent' progress....

Still don't like the gingham applique page. I should have gone with my gut instinct. Adding more to the page hasn't improved it....

Sumptuous Surfaces - a progress report

slowly but surely....

Friday, 17 August 2007

re- organisation - a progress report

I have my colour, shape, pattern and form notes and experiments from my C&G course in a separate sketchbook but I have collected notes from books and classes over the years that need to be organised and more easily accessible.

I have decided to use ring binders and divide the notes into 3 subjects. Each subject has a ring binder (and amazingly they are not full!)


within SURFACE ( so far the largest category that I have collected notes on) I have subdivided into smaller subjects:-

Dyeing - includes my notes on Procion dyeing in plastic bags and colour theory for dyeing
Printing and Painting - notes on transfer printing of disperse dyes
Create - ideas on making a surface e.g. how to make felt and silk paper
Distress - ideas on distressing a surface e.g soldering techniques
Manipulate - ideas on surface manipulation... e.g tucking, smocking
Bind - book binding and book making techniques
Templates - shapes, cards etc

Within EMBELLISHMENT I have included notes on stitches, altered art, machine stitching, beading etc

Within COMPUTER I have included my notes on using Photoshop and printing onto fabric etc.

Hopefully this will work going forward.....

For example, I will include my notes from Sumptuous Surfaces in the EMBELLISHMENT folder (well actually they'll have there own folder as there are alot of notes!).

Monday, 13 August 2007

and another one!

week 33 -scroll stitch


Take a Stitch Tuesday to do list

I am sooooooooo far behind now!

week 32 - crested chain stitch
week 31 - cast-on stitch
week 30 - buttonhole wheel stitch
week 29 - arrowhead stitch
week 28 - sheaf stitch
week 26 - half chevron
week 24 - french knots (half done)
week 20 - butterfly chain

oh dear

Friday, 10 August 2007

Sumptuous Surfaces - a progress report

Slowly but surely. I keep going back over areas, adding more stitching to keep the design balanced, so its taking a bit of time.

I want to add more pulled stitching to the path. I also want to add some glass beads to the bush in the foreground. This bush was created by weaving some strips of scrim and then overstitching the exposed vertical stitches and the horizontal scrim stitches. I like the loose scrim threads.

I still think the buildings are too white....

This online class is now on week 5. I'm still on week 3! I haven't even read the next two lessons. Although they look good... lots of colour.

Friday, 3 August 2007

re- organisation - a progress report

I have started to sort through my pile of notes, ideas, patterns and inspirations.

I collected together all my cross stitch charts and ideas into one folder and have placed it with my sketchbook of stitched greeting card ideas.

I used this technique to clear out some magazine pages and photos that I had stuffed into a folder. Instead of using a card index file as suggested in the article I used a slip-in photo album. I used a viewfinder to select images, then cut them out and stored them randomly.

I now just have to sort through another another ring binder, a several notebooks full of notes....

a thank you

I received this beautiful surprise today as a thank you for the counted cross stitch panel I did.


If I received a bunch of flowers for every counted cross stitch piece, I might do more of them!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Sumptuous Surfaces - a progress report

Laying down the first layer of stitches (low relief) took more time than I expected. I spent too long playing about with pulled stitches before finally realising this was NOT a pulled thread sampler. I was working in a small space and an actual real life scene to create. So I stuck to simple stitches....

I think the buildings came out well.. if a little too white.

In fact working in a 'beige' colour scheme has allowed me to be more abstract (rather than getting bogged down with realistic colours) but it was difficult with my limited supply to create the realistic scene that was in my head. A bit of a contradiction....

I moved onto building up more texture in the foreground

I also added some random stitches in the skyline, between the horizontal lines and the clouds

Still a work in progress!

I've printed off lesson 4 which introduces colour theory and a new design. I think I'll carry on with this scene for another week before reading that lesson. I need to stay focused and not get distracted by other ideas...
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