Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Using my boat yard picture as inspiration, I've been experimenting with some corrugated board, ripping into the board and scrapping away the top layer of brown paper. I now want to experiment with some fabric and make some rips and tucks and add some stuffing.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Sumptuous Surfaces - a progress report

still stitching this one (from Sharon B's course at Joggles)

keep going back over areas to build up depth and interest. Think I'm getting there.

slowly but surely.

the slide show has automatically updated.

and yes, I'm stitching again.


Take A Stitch Tuesday

an updated list for Take a Stitch Tuesday...

week 39 - reversed buttonhole bar
week 38 - knotted buttonhole band
week 37 - rice
week 36 - cable chain stitch
week 35 - shisha
week 34 - portuguese stem stich
week 33 - scroll
week 32 - crested chain stitch
week 31 - cast-on stitch
week 28 - sheaf stitch
week 24 - french knots (half done)
week 20 - butterfly chain

Thursday, 20 September 2007

oh dear

I haven't stitched anything in weeks.

oh dear

this weekend I will... I will, I will, I will


On my favourite textile blogs there has been a lot of discussion re rust and fabrics. I like looking at the fabric but must confess to skipping the part about techniques. However on my travels around the village I took some photos of a rusty boat yard. These may form part of a series for my local exhibition next year. I'm not sure how I'll use them... I'm thinking tucks and pleats and rips and couching. But I may have to get some rusty nails out to acheive the 'right' colour... or maybe I'll do them in black and white...

a dripping letter E

Sunday, 9 September 2007

blue felt sampler

I made this sampler a couple of years ago as part of my City & Guilds stitch samples. I used scraps of handmade felt and stitched them together adding seed stitches, couching, wire knitting and beads to the surface.

but what to do with it?

I thought about cutting it up and stitching it back together but before that I took some photos of each section and developed some 7"x5" photos. And then pieced those together...

I think I'll add stitching and beads to the photos...

I think it will be an interesting experiment to stitch onto the photograph of such tactile surface.

Friday, 7 September 2007

I am still alive

and I AM going to enter this Fife Art Exhibition.

and catch up with Take a Stitch Tuesday (oh my goodness....)

and finish my Sumptuous Surfaces piece (and read the final 3 lessons)

and do more of my Black and White book

and sort the garden out for Autumn....

and start planning for my exhibition in a local cafe next year....

oh dear
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