Tuesday, 30 October 2007

random list - update

so, from my random list I have:-

bought the advent calender and I've started filling the pockets with crayons, stickle bricks and finger puppets. (nearly) Toddler Girl's recent fascination is with Pom Poms so I'm going to make a few of them.

made a tutu! one for (nearly) Toddler Girl and one for Hannah (the hippo). I don't often do cute but this is too cute to resist..

The rest is ongoing....

Doodles - Lesson 1 continues

For the next part of my Doodling Designs lesson 1 I took my isolated area and translated it into stitch on a 6"x 4" piece of Timtex.

I've never used Timtex before, its a stiff interfacing but quite flexible to handle - as the packaging says "when the feel is an important as the look".

As suggested in the lesson I coloured the Timtex. I used my usual fabric paints (Pebeo - Setacolor).

I used greaseproof paper to trace my simplified design and the stitched through this onto the Timtex. I used a backstitch and then whipped it (into shape). I didn't find it too difficult to stitch through the Timtex, I found it more difficult to stitch through the paper and to keep the shapes I wanted.

The original doodle had energy and swirls and movement but the resulting embroidery has lost some of this.

I added a blanket stitch edge and some blanket stitch doodles..

I then added some colour to the shapes using Lumiere paints in absolutely gorgeous metallic colours.

In hindsight I should have coloured the shapes first before stitching (or perhaps painted the shapes more carefully after stitching!)

I think I will paint more shapes and doodle on it some more... but time to move on to the next lesson!

I think I like Timtex. It has a flat fluffy surface whereas I would have preferred a smooth surface. However it does soften up with handling and reminded me a little of handmade felt.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Fife Art Exhibition

Just back from the exhibition preview and I have been hung.

However everyone who submitted a piece has their work exhibited. I must have misunderstood the application form!

Not sure how I feel about it. Being one of, say, 50 artists would make me feel 'special'. Is one of nearly 400 less thrilling... perhaps a little.

Still exciting to see my work (completed) framed and hung for the public to see. We had to quickly move away from it as some people were talking about it. Scared of criticism, at least face-to-face!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday

ok... so I have attempted several stitches on my massive To Do list and I have to say, lace border stitch is impossible!

Doodles - Lesson 1

I've done some more work on my online class at Joggles... Doodling Designs with Susan Sorrell

I collected some twigs (I did try not to think about the marks they would make).

I tried to doodle with them using some ink. However I found it quite difficult. I think I was tying to doodle and I should have just made marks...

This is the doodle I decided to progress with.

I focussed on a few areas that interested me..

Cutting the whole thing up and reassembling in a different way would be interesting to do too...

Anyway, I did a 'quick find the edges' in Photoshop and came up with this

I like the mixture of curves and angular shapes but I'll simplify it further. I'm not sure what size to make it. I originally thought I would do an ATC size (to make it quick) but the curves will be easier to stitch if I make it a bit bigger... perhaps 6"x4".

This design will be stitched on Timtex (a new material for me). I need to colour the Timtex first. I'm thinking purples and blues turning into greens and yellows... Although black and white is very appealing (surprise surprise).

Saturday, 20 October 2007

oh how true

Whilst clearing out and reorganising computer files (moving them from my laptop to the server) I came across a letter I wrote to a friend nearly 5 years ago. In it I mentioned personality test results (part of my redundancy package included some 'help' from a career consultancy to find another job).

My personality was summarised as:-

I’m a great planner (vision and ideas) but a terrible implementor. I’m selectively socialable and enthusiastic and optimistic. But when my needs are not being met (I need recognition and time to think), I get pessimistic and withdrawn.

oh how true.


My new online course has started, Doodling Designs with Susan Sorrell. The first lesson suggests using twigs and ink to make some doodles which can be used for a small hand stitched piece. I haven't used twigs yet but I messed about with a felt tip pen and some paper.

I also photographed (nearly) Toddler Girls cardboard 'canvas' that she has been filling with her chunky crayons and pencil marks. Its not all her own work! She thrusts a crayon into the hands of most visitors so this is a communal effort!

another project bites the dust

I am deleting my veg box blog after one week. The shortest blog ever?

So far (after 2 weeks) I'm using everything... Today I've made a thick soup with curly kale and carrots and barley, which I'm looking forward to eating. But its not worth blogging.

I roasted the beetroot from the first week which was ok (fantastic colour) but its not worth blogging.

I'll maybe indulge myself on this blog if I get something really exciting one week.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - to do list

I need to get back track. So this is a blogging kick up the backside. This is what I've done so far...

week 1 Herringbone, week 2 Buttonhole , week 3 Detached chain stitch, week 4 Cretan, week 6 Algerian eye stitch, week 7 Feather stitch, week 8 Fly stitch, week 9 Cross stitch, week 11 Up and down buttonhole, week 12 Couching, week 13 Knotted Cretan, week 14 Bonnet, week 15 Oyster, week 17 Running, week 18 woven and whipped wheels, week 19 Basque, week 21 Crossed buttonhole week 22 Satin, week 23 Wheatear, week 25 Long and Short stitch, week 26 Half Chevron week 27 Bullion knots, week 29 Arrowhead week 30 Buttonhole wheels

So out of 24 stitches I have attempted, I have tried 9 for the first time.

This is what my sample book looks like

this is what I need to do:-

week 42 - twisted satin stitch
week 41 - lace border stitch
week 40 - linked double chain
week 39 - reversed buttonhole bar
week 38 - knotted buttonhole band
week 37 - rice
week 36 - cable chain stitch
week 35 - shisha
week 34 - Portuguese stem stitch
week 33 - scroll
week 32 - crested chain stitch
week 31 - cast-on stitch
week 28 - sheaf stitch
week 24 - french knots (half done)
week 20 - butterfly chain

out of 15 stitches still to be done (FIFTEEN!), 13 are new to me.

I think this is why I am so far behind (as well as my procrastination and low attention span). I need to be in front of the laptop whilst I stitch as I have no idea how to do a lace border stitch or crested chain.

My priority is to attempt these new stitches, even if it is 'just' a straight line.

I think I will combine some stitches and do a larger sampler that can be folded out. Lace border stitch, linked double chain, knotted buttonhole bar, cable chain stitch, Portuguese stem stitch and crested chain stitch look like good candidates.

so. I need to get stitching with my laptop.

Monday, 15 October 2007

oh no another class...

I really gained a lot from Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces class (I WILL do the colour stuff!) so I have signed up for Susan Sorrell's Doodling course at Joggles (starts 19th October). It seems fun and the lesson plan really appeals to me (not so much embroidery). I think it reminds me of the first lessons in C&G where we explored line. It will also introduce me to some new products too.

I'm also very intrigued how you teach doodling... and Susan has such a distinctive style I wonder what I and other participants will produce...

Another class on the wish list is Sharon B's visual journal class which she is writing for the New Year.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

stocking stitch scarf

(nearly) Toddler Girl's scarf for winter 07/08 (I should label it with the date like GAP does!). I used Eden wool by Fibre Company. The wool isn't shown on its website but its LOVELY. Probably totally inappropriate for a (nearly) Toddler Girl with its "semi precious" (non machine washable) yarns.

I used a new technique (for me). Its like a double sided stitch and creates a very thick and warm scarf in a smooth stockinette stitch thats the same on both sides (and doesn't curl).

patch of sea framed

it was difficult to photograph given the glass and lack of natural light but here it is! I'll deliver it to the art gallery tomorrow.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

random list... part 2

love this idea from Beth Robinson using watercolour crayons
and need to check out Quilt Wow

random list

dyeing in plastic bags
make up wedding photo album (5 year anniversary in less than 6 months!)
knit (nearly) Toddler Girl a hat to match her gorgeous scarf (photo to come)
finish and frame house warming gift No. 1
think about house warming gift No. 2
continue with Black and White fabric journal (doing at least 2 hours a week on this project now)
start work on Part 2 of Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces course (colour)
get back on track with Take a Stitch Tuesday (eek)
find and buy a fabric/pocket/reuseable advent calender
make a tutu

thank you...

... for all your comments re Patch of Sea. I'm now looking forward to getting it back from the framers.

This is my first piece of stitching that I've had professionally framed and I'm very excited!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

new blog

I have started a new blog which will list the contents of my weekly fruit and veg box.

not textile related so I'm listing it on another blog.

I will have two blogs! Although one will only be updated once a week (which is probably how often I update this one at the moment).

I'm not sure why I'm listing it..... probably to monitor if I actually use it. Which of course I will, given that I have a hungry (nearly) Toddler Girl to feed.

Sumptuous Surfaces - FINISHED!

Its now at the framers and I'll get it back on Saturday. The slideshow has updated automatically.

some closeups...

Friday, 5 October 2007

Fife Art Exhibition

The Fife Art Exhibition is held annually in Kirkcaldy for amateur artists. You submit one piece and if its chosen it is exhibited for 4 weeks in the Museum and Art Gallery. I have sent my application form in and have decided to submit my "A Patch of Sea" piece which I did in Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces class.

The stitching is not quite finished (I'm trying out some ideas on the sky!) but I have chosen the frame and mounts at a local framers and everything will be ready to submit by the 14th October deadline.

I should know in a couple of weeks if it has been successful.

This is a very new and exciting experience for me. I can't wait to see it framed properly.

If its chosen, then that will be the icing on the cake. And If i sell it.... I'll get a cherry too.

I'll post photos once its framed.
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