Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - to do list


week 48 - knotted cable stitch
week 47 - thorn stitch
week 46 - chain braid stitch
week 45 - pekinese
week 44 - zig zag spanish knotted stitch
week 43 - drizzle stitch
week 42 - twisted satin stitch
week 40 - linked double chain
week 37 - rice
week 35 - shisha
week 34 - Portuguese stem stitch
week 33 - scroll
week 32 - crested chain stitch
week 31 - cast-on stitch
week 28 - sheaf stitch
week 24 - french knots (half done)
week 20 - butterfly chain

New challenge for 2008 - Take it Further

Sharon B has a new challenge for 2008 - Take it Further.

On the 1st of each month she post a concept and colour scheme or design element. The challenge will be to take one or both these ideas, develop it and create a resolved design during the month.
The thing you design can be in any medium or format you choose, including a visual journal.

I am doing the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge but have fallen WAY WAY WAY behind. But I'm going to give this a go and create a visual journal of her monthly prompts. If I'm inspired and get time I'll try and turn my ideas into stitch...

Doodles - Lesson 4 continues

I have almost finished my 4th piece for my online Doodling Design course.

To summarise:-

I made a 8"x8" sandwich using two contrasting fabrics. I stitched a border (a bit haphazard).
I wasn't inspired by my previous doodles (I think the patterned fabric was distracting me). Instead I cut out a shape then did a sort of 'exploded design' doodle.
I then stitched down these fabric doodles. And then doodled over these with more stitching.

I haven't finished it yet and I feel it hasn't photographed well (the polka dots are getting abit lost...)

Doodles - Lesson 1 continues

I've added some more to my first Doodling Designs piece.

I plan to add more....

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

a new challenge

I'm taking part in Anna's (at Serendipity) rust challenge.

She has set me a piece of rusted fabric and I've to turn it into a piece of art and send it back to her by the 10th December. I won't blog anymore about it until its done, except to say that I want to try and develop some ideas around the boat yard photos I took recently...

Doodles - Lesson 4

Lesson 4 of my online Doodling Designs class is called - Fabric Collage Doddles. It involves using a paper doodle to make fabric doodles that are attached to a fabric background. I sound vague because I think the possibilities are HUGE with this lesson.

I made a 8"x8" sandwich as per the teacher's (Susan Sorrell) instructions using two contrasting fabrics that I recently found in the sale basket at Very Crafty in Lower Largo. I haven't finished stitching the border yet and its abit haphazard but I'm pleased so far!

I haven't created my fabric doodles yet. I may just doodle onto the fabric scraps and cut them out... rather than manipulating a paper doodle.

I have given myself another challenge of NOT using black!

At all....

Doodles - Lesson 3

Lesson 3 of my online Doodling Designs course involves making a stamp using a doodle as inspiration.

I used my original twig doodle and isolated a small motif.

I used my Speedball starter kit to make a small 3" x 3" stamp. Its my first time carving a stamp so I started small!

I used it to stamp a repeat pattern across some white cotton. I used Setacolor fabric paint in green.

The paint wasn't very thick and left different prints. I applied the paint to the stamp with a brayer for all of them apart from the very bottom left hand print where I dipped the stamp in the paint... I quite liked this quicker, more rough and ready approach.

I had planned to add more colour to this design but instead I used a black pen and doodled directly onto the fabric. I then finished the lesson off by backing it with Timtex and creating a 6"x4" postcard.

I'm really pleased with the result and enjoyed carving the stamp. It's got me thing about doing a whole alphabet. I've always wanted a set of alphabet stampers but have never splashed the cash on one... maybe I could make my own.

oh dear... yet another project.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Doodles - Lesson 2 complete

I have mixed feelings about this piece, but overall I like it!

Its 6"x4"

I transferred the design onto water soluble paper and then back stitched it onto a piece of pink painted fabric calico. I chose pink as it suited the girly pictures. I used Perle No. 8.

However like the first doodle stitching I struggled to evenly stitch through paper. After washing the paper off my back stitches were very uneven. So I whipped it (which added to the stitching time!).

I then started to add some random blanket/buttonhole stitches over the figure but wanted to use my Lumiere paints again... this is where I went overboard and it all got abit comic book and garish. To soften it abit I used a trick I learnt in my City & Guild classes... add a bit of net! Luckily I had some black net left over from (nearly) Toddler Girl's tutu.

I added some seed stitches to the bottles and satin stitch to the background. I backed the piece with a piece of dark blue denim (I would have preferred handmade black felt but I didn't have any big enough...)

Overall I like the piece. Its retained a doodle like quality. However I don't like stitching through paper and I would like to add more to the bottles....

Now on to lesson 3 and 4!

oh.. and I'm still adding to my Lesson 1 piece...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Doodles - Lesson 2

Lesson 2 of my online Doodling Designs course is based around a collage using published media (magazines, brochures etc)

I struggled at the start with this one. I have a large pile of magazines which I'm very happy to cut up but I lacked direction and ended up flicking aimlessly through a pile of glossy mags featuring lush mouthed, long lashed lovelies (and endless perfume ads).

So I picked one magazine (Nov edition of Marie Claire) and allowed myself 20mins to cut out images I liked and let them dictate the theme. I arranged these images in a "pleasing" manner and photographed it (no glue involved).

The lesson then directed us to manipulate and further play with our magazine doodle digitally.

I really enjoyed this bit. I used Microsoft Picture It Publishing which I think was bundled with my original laptop software. Its much more intuitive than Photoshop and after 15 mins I had this...

I was able to cut out items and reposition them, so effectively redoodling on the PC. This is a great idea from Susan and I'll definitely try this again and save images for future use.

So.. the next stage is to simplify the design further and transfer it to fabric for stitching...
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