Monday, 28 January 2008


I think I'll create a label for each of the pieces I'm making for the exhibition. I've got a feeling there will be many posts about each piece as I change my mind about the big stuff and dither over the small.

best to do it now before things get too advanced.

Exhibition 2008 - Seed Heads (2)

some more photo manipulation...

I need to do some more work on this. I think I need to get some close up photos.

So far it reminds me of paint splatters. when you put a blob of paint down then blow through a straw to move it around.

Exhibition 2008 - Green Fields (1)

This piece is inspired by my work on a C&G project (Green Fields Throw) which in turn was inspired by the landscape around me.

My July exhibition seems a good opportunity to use these ideas.

At first I was going to do three different pieces using handmade felt. I love stitching on handmade felt and wanted to use some of the stitches from Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge.

I apologise for the very scrappy design!

When I was playing about with the felt and cutting to size (I love the irregular edges and wanted to keep that) I decided to try out a patchwork effect, which was the original idea for the throw.

It currently measures 40cm x 30cm

I added the felted silk tops under the holey felt and added the brown (ploughed) field. And I really like the effect. I'm now thinking of making some red felt poppies for the bottom right hand field and continuing with a wheat field cycle idea in the top left field (straight stitch, wheatear, bullion knots).

For this one I want to play about with scale and mix it up. And be big and bold...

Exhibition 2008 - Through Miller Terrace (2)

a bit more manipulation...

Exhibition 2008 - Through Miller Terrace (2)

I have drawn the outlines of the buildings in Through Miller Terrace. I shrunk it to 3" x 2", copied it and used it to make a paper mock up of the finished embroidery.

I'm not entirely happy with the mock up as the lines are too faint (I used pencil) so when I hung it on my wall I can't see the overall pattern created by the lines. And the thick lines I doodled to create the layout are distracting.

I may have to go over the lines, shrink it, copy it and glue it down again...

I should be able to stitch each rectangle and then go back and add the blackwork shadows (or atmosphere) once I have taken my series of photos.

I have looked out some evenweave fabric and I think a Perle 12 for the outlines should work (although it might be too heavy on my 28 count evenweave).

The other way to approach this is to use the outline drawing and make some patterns... which would make a more abstract composition...

Mmmmmm. I'll need to do some stitching and see how it goes...

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Google Reader

I have started to compile my list of blogs for the Make my Day award. When I started I had 684 unread posts! I am now down to 226.

What I love about Google Reader is the Star feature to keep posts for future reference (they are even sorted by blog!) and the fact that even when a post has been read its still held in the 'reader'.

I'm glad I made the switch.

Although I still have some blogs to add. I have 74 unread posts within Bloglines...

Catching up - part 1

I have just discovered there is blog for the Take it Further challenge which showcases the final pieces.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Exhibition 2008 - Forth Street (1)

There will be 3 pieces on Forth Street. Well... I'll aim to do 3!

I have used Forth Street before in 'A Patch of Sea', although I made it look more symmetrical in the stitching.

There are three views that allow you a glimpse of the water between the houses or over the rooftops.

These will be done in colour and be less textured (I think) than 'A Patch of Sea'.

I'm aiming to use the buildings (above photo), bushes (a patch of sea) and rooftops (not taken a decent photo yet!) to draw the viewers eye in, into the water.

There is a distinctive lamp post on Forth Street which I hope to incorporate too.

I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do this series. I loved the pulled effects in 'A Patch of Sea' and like the use of buttonhole stitch in my Magazine Doodling Designs piece... reminds me of roof tiles...

Exhibition 2008 - Seed Heads (1)

This photo was taken by Ian several years ago. It was taken at the end of summer on the coastal path that links Pittenweem and St Monans. In fact I think he painted a version of it...

This will be another black and white piece.

Although it won't look like this! I need to mess about in PhotoShop.

This attracts me simply because it is so bold. I'm thinking couching and beading.

Exhibition 2008 - Through Miller Terrace (1)

This piece may be too ambitious but I'll give it a go!

There is a terrace (actually shown from the front top right on the From the Windmill photo) which has an opening between the houses which reveals the Firth of Forth. Its was my favourite walk/view when we first moved here. To walk through a narrow gap and see the expanse of water (especially when the sun was bright, sky blue and water twinkling) was always uplifting.

I took this photo when I was researching design ideas for Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces class.

Its not very good as the water and sky are not clearly defined! I did like the concrete/brick structures framing the 'patch' of water and combined with the shadows it had potential.

At the moment I'm considering taking this photo everyday in February (or as near to everyday as possible!). If these do not show enough variation in shadow then I'll do the same in March (and again in April). February may be too gloomy.

I then want to use only the outlines of the building and shadows to backstitch 16 small panels (2"x3", I think). I will then add some blackwork to the shadows. All in black!

I want to show the view over time, like a sampler, but keep it graphic in style...

This will end up quite a large piece and I admit that this is being dictated by a frame I already have and want to use. This may be a mistake but hopefully I'll find out early on in the stitching!

Exhibition 2008 - To and From the Windmill (1)

These photos were taken several years ago (by Ian, I think) and they've always attracted me. I like the winding path, fence posts and... the shapes and movements in general.

I'd like to work these in a sketchy stitch way. I think I'll lay down some scraps of fabrics to define the areas (or use paint to block them in) then stitch over it to define it. The image in my head is quite abstract with the emphasis on winding path and fence posts disappearing into distance.

Cloth Paper Scissors

I am going to cancel my subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors

its just too samey, and although full of lovely pieces of work, I don't think its me. Although I'd be pushed to describe my style, I don't think its Cloth Paper Scissors.

If I could describe it, would that mean I was taking myself seriously as an artist?

although in the latest edition there is a technique by Carol Kemp, using Gouache to create a resist. I immediately thought of my Magazine Doodling Designs piece. I think that design would be a good one to use. I'll needed to thicken up the lines but I think its ready to go...

Monday, 21 January 2008

can you have too many lists?

I have a new blog...

Neverending Random Lists

a list of things I want to read, make, bake and do.

in no particular order...

and probably of no interest to most people but I need to get these lists out of my head!

Resolutions 2008

my creative resolutions for 2008 are as follows:-

July 2008 Exhibition in local cafe, detailed in separate post....

Take it Further - Sharon B's 2008 challenge. I am slightly concerned about this one. January's challenge was posted on the 1st and I was immediately stumped. Needless to say I haven't given it much more thought. I have decided I can't take on anymore stitching! In fact my initial thoughts on the Take it Further challenge was to treat it as a visual journal exercise so I think I'll look out a sketch book and try and do something on paper for each of the 12 challenges or at least for 6 of them! I also want to follow the other participants efforts.

attend a stitch group every Tuesday night in local cafe. Its for stitchers and knitters.

continue to work on my fabric book.

blog at least 2 times a week - Monday and Friday. I hope this will stop me surfing under the pretence of blogging and encourage me to produce something to blog about (over the weekend and through the week).

reduce the time wasting! I actually started this post on 22nd December 2007!

I'm sure there were others...

oh yes. If Sharon B does a Visual Journal course on Joggles I would like to do that too. Hopefully it'll be in the second half of the year.

I'd also like to master the art of biscuit baking, especially shortbread.

Exhibition 2008


I have the opportunity to exhibit in our local cafe in July.

I want to work on 12-15 pieces inspired by the views, surfaces, shapes and textures of the village I live in.

I have been collecting ideas and images over the past 6 months. Mostly from my daily walks with Toddler Girl.

I hope I'll have at least 10 pieces (that I'm happy with!) finished in time. Titles so far:-

Through Miller Terrace
Seed Heads
Forth Street I, II, III (inspired by my design work on A Patch of Sea)
Boat Yard
Field I, II, III (inspired by my design work on Green Fields Throw)
To the Windmill
From the Windmill
half a mile to Pittenweem

I don't have too much to show at the moment but I have photographed my (very bad) scribbles and I will document my ideas so far...

oh my goodness....

Kentish Maid has nominated me for a Make my Day award.

I'm very pleased! especially as I haven't posted for so long!

thank you thank you thank you.

hopefully normal service will resume this week. I just need to get my rhythm back!

I now have to nominate 10 people. The rules are...

I have to "give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

Mmmmm I will have a think about this and post later. My Google Reader is currently at 581 unread posts... so no one in blogland has made my day recently! Apart from Kentish Maid of course!

I have now moved my laptop to my 'work' desk (in the corner of my bedroom). This will hopefully achieve two things... no procrastination watching TV and surfing the net (whilst I should be creating) and a more 'business' like approach to blogging (its on a desk not balanced on my lap). So far I have stopped short of donning a suit and ordering a latte from Starbucks but drastic times may call for drastic measures...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

oh dear

Over the past few months I've switched from Bloglines to Google Reader (its easier to navigate and control)...

I currently have 552 posts to read!


I am still alive

its been so long since I posted its almost like starting again... I'm a born again blogging virgin.

I had planned to photograph what I've been doing (random notes and bad sketches) but I haven't.

I had planned to list my 2008 stitchery resolutions but I'm still writing them.

I had planned to do Sharon B's Take it Further challenge but I haven't.

oh dear

2008 is starting like 2007 finished

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