Thursday, 21 February 2008


Toddler Girl will need a lighter hat for spring. I found this pattern in a local knitting shop and I've ordered some wool. I hope to knit one (or two) at my Tuesday night Stitch Group. I'm going to use this group to unwind and just make... well thats the plan.

making time

I'm struggling (again) to make time to make things. In fact I wish I could actually make time, I might feel I'm getting stuff done.

I need to feel like I'm getting stuff done... I need to tick things off my neverending list rather than just adding more and more stuff to it.

oh dear.

I have spent the last 2 weeks stitching my green fields piece for my July exhibition. And then unpicking it... the size and placement of the stitches were wrong wrong wrong.

so I photocopied the felt pieces and glued them together and used this actual sized paper piece to draw my stitching ideas.

So far this has been a useful exercise, although I haven't actually stitched it yet, I'm now too busy phaffing about with colour!

I have decided to relax and enjoy the process of making these pieces. I had in my head that I needed to produce 2 a month to make 12 for July. Which, given my work rate, is quite unrealistic and I felt abit disheartened about it.

If I 'only' produce 3 or 4 pieces then so be it. I will present some of my design work and process too. I love to look at other peoples sketchbooks and try to follow their thought processes, so others may be interested in my phaffing.

Friday, 15 February 2008


730 unread posts in Google Reader.

And I haven't reciprocated Make my Day yet

I'm such a terrible blogger....

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Exhibition 2008- Half a Mile (1)

I took this photo one evening last year. I liked the lines and the blocks of colour and texture between the road, fields, water and sky.

I also like the two road signs! Its taken at a junction between Pittenweem, St Monans and Colinsburgh and you can see The Bass Rock and Berwick Law.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to work this one...

Exhibition 2008 - Green Fields (2)

I've done the most stitching for this piece, however I have unpicked it all!

I didn't like either one of these attempts. I wasn't happy with the scale of the stitching or the quality.

however I do love my paper poppies.

And I think I prefer the change to the layout.

I have now decided to leave the grass field unstitched and start work on the wheat field.

Exhibition 2008 - Through Miller Terrace (3)

I've started stitching the grid pattern for this piece but I think its going to be too small to stitch clearly. I want the buildings to be easily identified and so far I just can't get that detail onto the fabric. I thought I was using 28 count evenweave but its actually 32 count and I don't want to go any finer (my poor eyes!) I think the problem lies in transferring the design to the fabric... The drawing looks better which makes me think that I shouldn't bother trying to represent it in stitch...

I will have another go - a more freestyle approach (which suits my style better - if I try and follow a pattern it generally doesn't work out as I get too uptight), however I might not get the crisp graphic/draughtsman style lines I want.

I'm also going to start work on a more abstract composition using the flipped design.

This would be 12" x 8" in size.

I have taken some photos of the view as planned. However there hasn't been much variation in the gloom so far this month, so I may carry this on into March (and April!)

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