Thursday, 15 May 2008


spotted by Karen.

Only R, V and Z to go. And I know where to get a Z...

Monday, 12 May 2008

Its here...

Studio Journals: A Designer's Workhorse with Sharon B at Joggles.

oh dear...

another new project...

I love it that she has made the distinction between studio journals and art journals. I'm definitely in the studio journal camp. I got a little distracted by art journals but really I'm a scrapbook scribbler and studio journal (or good old sketchbook) suits me better.

Exhibition 2008 - Through Miller Terrace (5)

I have decided on the final design after all my indecision.

I have decided to do a panel 4" high, 36" wide using a flipped design of the my original photo/design. Here is a tiny paper representation.

and a larger example

I'm still toying with the idea of colouring the fabric and using freestyle blackwork to add shadows and areas of interests.

Exhibition 2008 - Green Fields (7)

I don't think I can say these are completely finished until they are no longer in my possession but so far I think they are finished...

They're all 6" x 4". I'm not sure how I'm going to frame them. I have toyed with the idea of putting them on a box canvas rather than under glass.

I am still alive

only just!

Ok, maybe that is a bit melodramatic, I've only had a cold and a cough that turned into a chest infection that has slowly but surely completely drained me over 3 weeks.

Ok, still a bit melodramatic but I'm only just recovering and I'm still in pathetic mode.

(and I don't get to sleep it off or lie on the couch and watch day time telly - I have Toddler Girl to entertain)

I have also been busy in garden (planning new borders and planting up my flowers pots AND my new (very very flimsy) grow bag greenhouse with tomato and cucumber plants.

I have been doing some work on my exhibition, although mostly its all in my head or scribbled in my sketchbook.

I bought some supplies - white calico, iron transfer pen and bondaweb.

And I do intend to do some actual work soon.

I must I must I must
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