Saturday, 28 June 2008

oh dear

look at the time.

Studio Journal

This class started on Friday. I have downloaded the lesson but haven't looked at it yet... AFTER the exhibition is hung...

knitting - Toddler Girls Haiku

I'm over half way through one arm.

knitting - new wool!

I found a website Woodland Yarns and after a wee browse (I think I was looking for a bulky black wool to knit a bolero/shrug) I ended up getting all this for £11.49 (with free P&P). And it only took 1 day to arrive...

As you can see it doesn't include any bulky black wool...

I really shouldn't pick up knitting needles... it just leads to an unhealthy compulsion to hoard...

I found (through ravelry - my new fave website) a pattern for My So Called Scarf, which looks like a herringbone stitch - no idea really, will have to find out what psso means! AFTER the exhibition is hung.

Exhibition 2008 - Forth Street (1)

I'm not sure how this one is progressing... I think its one I need to leave lying about to gain a better perspective... which means it might not be ready in time for the exhibition.

Exhibition 2008 - the countdown

Things are progressing. My fingers aren't bleeding... yet.

Completed (stretched but not framed):-
Green Fields I, II and III
Shingle I and II

50% complete:-
Through Miller Terrace

not sure how much I've done...:-
Forth Street I

Things to do:-
Order mount for Through Miller Terrace
Decide on frame for Forth Street I
Mount the pieces and photograph
Frame (I need D-Rings!!!!!)
Give to Karen

Oh... and decide on a business card...

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

knitted sculpture

another new project perhaps?

pretty button

For Toddler Girl's cardigan.

Its soooooo pretty, which is good, as the cardigan is looking a little bit frumpy.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I love ravelry.

I'm trying not to get carried away. After all, I am an occasional novice knitter.

However. I was so inspired I bought 4 balls of Sublime Extra Fine Merino Double Knit wool and printed off a pattern for a cardigan for Toddler Girl.

Two days of knitting whilst Toddler Girl bossed her Granny and Papa about has yielded this...

I know I know I know.

I should have been:-
restarting Through Miller Terrace - I'm going to use a finer thread
starting To the Windmill
starting Forth Street - I have a new idea, inspired by this manipulated photo..

My exhibition is in less than 2 weeks and I'm knitting a cardigan!

Shingle Study 2

I'm calling these shingle studies but its really all about the shape of the dark grey stones that I found on the beach. Maybe think up a better name for them...

I've finished both. This is the more embellished beige one..

Obviously, it main change as I haven't framed it yet. But I think I'm happy with it...

The designs on the pebbles are inspired by this design work that I did for my first City & Guilds assessment piece - Sky, Sea and Shingle.

In turn these were inspired by a spread in The Art of Looking a Sideways.

I think this a great example of how a good sketchbook and exploration of design ideas will reap rewards far longer than the life span of the original project. I first started the sketchbook in 2004.

I also photographed the back of this piece...

I have finished the Black & White Shingle Study but I don't have a photo yet.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


I found this and others on Crail beach.

the shapes are so lovely.

Mmmmmm a(nother) new project....

Saturday, 14 June 2008

I've just discovered

It aims to be a place for "...knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. "

Its still in development and its by invite whilst the site is developed and it grows. I'm going to ask for an invite. I only knit a few things each year using a basic stitches and fancy yarns... but I think I'll gain a lot in inspiration and ideas for the few projects I do do.

successful days trade

Today was the Sea Queen Day in St Monans and my Stitching Group had a stall selling goods knitted and stitched by our 'members' in aid of our local cafe.

It was sunny (mostly, with one big down pour half way through), it was busy and we sold lots.

I don't have a photo so you'll have to trust me how good it looked.

Biggest sellers were cards, knitted liquorice allsorts, quilted tea cosies, bags, scarves, toys and notebooks, booties....

Looking forward to next year already!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Business Card

I want to design and print a business card and attach it to the back of my pictures.

I need to select some pictures and/or compose a motif that sums up my work at this time.

I really like this idea at Moo Cards.

back sides

they could be my new thing...

from my City & Guilds Green Fields sketchbook...

Alphabet project


Friday, 6 June 2008

I am still alive

I've been busy!

My exhibition is in less than a month and I have only finished 4 pictures and I'm only happy with 3 of them! Through Miller Terrace is in progress...

I'm torn. My original design idea was to add shadows (and harr!), however I love the back of the piece...

It looks too messy adding stitching on top of this... I'll have to experiment more.

I think I will achieve the panoramic effect (it is over 30" long) but do I want the interest of shadows or the interest of the sketchy threads of the backside?


I've started what I hope will be a series of 2 Shingle pieces - one black and white, one beige.

I used my flat smooth stones from the beach as inspiration.

To The Windmill has progressed too, but it is still in paper form. I have started tube dyeing my fabric

I've also been knitting for my stitch group. We're selling our wares at the local gala day on 14th June. So far I've done 3 skinny 'ladder' yarn scarfs and 10 stitched cards.

I now have 1 assignment left on my book keeping course...

I'm also considering some new projects... after the first week in July I'll have sooooo much free time!

I'd like to do some kind of colour study/colour wheel of the shingle beach. I got some lovely pink stones and glass there on Wednesday.

After Alphabet:Letters in the Street, I'd like to start Looking Up...

I've also signed up for Sharon B's Studio Journal course...

So... I'll get back to my stitching...
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