Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Studio Journal - frottage

Following on from my scattered frottage, this is my cutting mat uncut...

and a 'thread wrap'

I've been toying with the idea of freestyle black work for a while... I think the trick is not to make it look messy...

Studio Journal - a colour pile

In her Studio Journal class Sharon B has suggested several colour lessons, one is the ubiquitous colour wheel. Since I haven't done one for a while, I threw together this pile of colour using scraps from my teeny tiny scrap box.

As you can see my worries over my bound sketchbook were correct and I have now switched to my spiral bound book. The type I used for my City & Guilds work. I find it so much more flexible and the paper is thicker too! I especially like the ability to add and move pages about by simply snipping the paper and slotting it in where I want it. It also helps having a smaller book to add pages and create frames, like the one in the top left corner.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

2008 Resolutions - mid year review

its a bit late... but this is my 2008 resolutions review (in bold)

Take it Further - Sharon B's 2008 challenge. I was suppose to treat this as a visual journal exercise and I had aimed to do 6 of them. errrr.... no on both counts. sadly this resolution did not get off the ground at all. I think I will print out the final list and add it to my sketchbook for future reference...

attend a stitch group every Tuesday night in local cafe. Its for stitchers and knitters. Not every Tuesday but at least 50% of the time. I've knitted a cardigan for Toddler Girl (photos to follow), knitted 3 skinny scarfs and stitched 12 cards to sell at local gala day, met new people and rekindled my knitting mojo (another 2 cardigans for Toddler Girl on my needles as I type this!).

continue to work on my fabric book. er... no progress. Still want to do it, which I suppose is part of the battle.

blog at least 2 times a week - Monday and Friday. I hope this will stop me surfing under the pretence of blogging and encourage me to produce something to blog about (over the weekend and through the week). er... nope.

reduce the time wasting! I actually started this post on 22nd December 2007! I'm getting better. Its all about staying FOCUSED

Sharon B's Visual Journal course. I have been printing off the lessons and doing some exercises. Its reminded me of the benefits of keeping a 'sketch' book. And how much I enjoy it!

Exhibition 2008 - not on my original list! However 8 pieces were completed on time. 3 I like but could have been better presented. I really don't like one of them. I'm especially proud of one and I'm really pleased with the other two.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Studio Journal - scattered frottage

1. take one well used cutting mat
2. place a piece of thin, but no too thin, paper on top
3. using the cutting mat grid (I used the inches side) as a guide rub over a piece of graphite, the first row lightly then progressively pressing harder until you get to the bottom row when you are pressing really hard
4. turn over and mark out a grid of 1" squares
5. cut
6. scatter on page (graphite side up)

Sunday, 13 July 2008

the back side of a still life

I bought this at the local church nearly new sale. There is no signature and its quite old (framed at Boots). Its 24cm x 28cm.

From the front it is a still life.

from the back it feels much more energetic...

Studio Journal - making a start

I have started this online class offered by Sharon B through Joggles.

The material, as usual, is comprehensive and the forums very very active! I'm about 3 weeks 'behind' but the beauty of these classes is that you can work at your own pace when you want to.

I've had a mixed history with sketchbooks/notebooks/studio journals. I've started one (many many books) with the intention of noting down and developing ideas. Collecting bits and pieces and using it like a scrapbook. Sketching, painting, collage etc etc etc. Immediately setting myself up for failure as it didn't match the wonderful presentation of collection of ideas that I had in my head.

I have had some success with my City & Guilds sketchbooks as I was working towards one piece. I had a theme....

So for Studio Journals I am going to attempt to keep a 'sketch'book. Is keep the right word? I have followed Sharon's advice and will attempt the exercises and also develop some of the ideas I have in my head.

I did have some success with my moleskine but I found it too small for 'playing' in. Good to carry about but not on my desk. So I've gone back to my larger A4-ish size. I am also trying out a hardback book from Amazon. The paper is not very thick and its not spiral bound. These too things worry me BUT its thick and will look so impressive filled with my jottings, lists, swatches, trials and photos. No romantic vision there then!

This is the first page with cuttings that I had on my noticeboard and a mindmap of Sharon's description of a Studio Journal. All good reasons to keep one.

One of the first exercises suggests we cut out colours from magazines. A colour that reflects your day. I choose blue. Toddler Girl and I were looking for pirates at the harbour on the 11th and all their boats were blue.

I've done this exercise for the 12th (white) and the 13th (green), photos later.

I want to develop this exercise further, along the lines of this page from my C&G Black & White Accessories sketchbook, by collecting bits of one colour.

I think one the important learning outcomes of this course is taking all the good stuff from my 'sketch'book and translating them into a work of art....


Monday, 7 July 2008

Exhibition 2008 - Through Miller Terrace

Through Miller Terrace 2008, white calico, 74cm x 15cm

Apologies for the flash but its the best photo of the whole piece.

Some detail (without glass!)...

one of my favourites.

Exhibition 2008 - Pebbles

Pebbles 2008, calico, 6"x4"

Look familiar? Its from this design work. Its one of my favourites.

Exhibition 2008 - Stones

White Stones 2008, white calico, 12cm x 12cm

Painted Stones, white calico, 12cm x 12cm

Black & White Stones 2008, white calico, 12cm x 12cm

Exhibition 2008 - Green Fields

Poppies 2008, handmade felt, 6"x4".

Blue Sky 2008, handmade felt, 6"x4"

Wildflowers 2008, handmade felt and paper, 6"x4"

(apologies for the quality of the photos)

Exhibition 2008 - its up!

happy happy happy.

There are some things that I would change... obviously.

Its on until 8th August.

Then there is an open exhibition. I'm going to try and complete To the Windmill in time for that.

Saturday, 5 July 2008


I have just read this post on Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal on motherhood. I want to acknowledge it here and echo the last line "This is the best thing I have ever done".

Friday, 4 July 2008

Exhibition 2008 - Biography

short and to the point...

Fiona Wright is a textile artist living in St Monans. This hand stitched exhibition is inspired by the colours, views, surfaces, shapes and textures in and around the village.

Exhibition 2008 - the countdown

Completed (stretched but not framed):-
Green Fields I, II and III
Shingle I, II and III (95% there)
Through Miller Terrace (95% there)

for another time:-
Forth Street I
To The Windmill

I'm a little bit disappointed that these pieces are still in development as I was very excited about my ideas and felt it would take my stitching in a new direction. I do have to accept that I need alot of time to think, develop ideas, try them out, unpick and try again. Given that some of the pieces for this exhibition have been drawn from design work started 2, 3, 4 years ago certainly proves this.

Things to do:-
Mount the pieces and photograph
Give to Karen for Monday
Breathe and tidy up!

business card and biography and price list...!!!!!
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