Tuesday, 19 August 2008

another little bit of happy

Exhibition 2008 - Stones

Half a mile to Pittenweem - colour

Continuing my exploration of colour for Half a Mile to Pittenweem I've done another colour wheel using my watercolour pencils. I've done some 'breakout' colour schemes for the dominant colours of the piece - yellow, green, blue.

I want to play with this more, and try out some threads...

Sunday, 10 August 2008

knitting - Debbie Bliss SoHo

what can I knit with this?

how about a Booga Bag
or a headscarf hat type thingy - calorimetry

the blog list

running in tandem with the business list...

get a new profile photo
write a fuller profile
change the lists down the right hand side to show my current to do lists
design and add a banner... eek

the business list

When I say business I mean sell some stuff and do some self promotion. Although given my years in finance and my natural inclination to over analyse and organise, it may seem like I'm running a multi million pound international arts organisation...

The list...
set up shop on Etsy to sell cards and small handstitched pieces. Is it worth it?
check out artflock. Is it worth it?
read the articles on CraftBoom rather than just bookmarking them!
compile a list of potential exhibitions I can submit pieces too.
just bloody do it!

Half a mile to Pittenweem - colour

using what threads I had to hand I quickly knocked up this darned sample.

its obviously unfinished but it looks quite horrendous...

Things to work on:-
the direction of the warp and weft, especially in representing perspective.
the weight of the thread... use textured in foreground OR keep it all stranded cotton...
get the tones right... consider variegated threads...
do some samples on layering colours... colour of fabric, warp and weft. I feel an equation coming on...

a little bit of happy

by Toddler Girl

Sunday, 3 August 2008

knitting - Toddler Girl's eyelet yoke cardigan

My next cardigan is an eyelet yoke cardigan.

The pattern is free on the Lion Brand website.

So far I've done the back, half the front and a sleeve. This technique is new to me as I need to put all the bits on a circular needle and knit all the bits together. The yoke...

Knitting it in pink! No danger of this one being frumpy.

knitting - Toddler Girls Haiku COMPLETED!

Half a mile to Pittenweem

This was one of the pieces that I didn't complete for my exhibition.

I liked the lines and the blocks of colour and texture between the road, fields, water and sky.

I've toyed with some ideas on how to execute this but after reading through the colour lessons in Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces and Studio Journal courses (I'm catching up!) I started thinking about combining some colour theory ideas and this photo. I also want to use this technique of darning to execute it... I've had the instructions knocking about my desk for ages.

I think I'll play about with some complementary schemes and layering of colours...

I have this piece earmarked for this years Fife Art Exhibition, which I assume is in October.

Friday, 1 August 2008

inspirations from nature - part 9

Moo cards

I did it. And they're lovely!

I mostly used my Take a Stitch Tuesday photos and have approximately 5 of each. Some have come out better than others but I'm very pleased.

Next step... a portfolio of work. Physical and electronic. I need to start taking this art malarky seriously.

so... I'm going to label this post business.
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