Saturday, 27 September 2008

I wasn't sure whether to post this, as it is not a list or arty related.

It is very personal, which is something I avoid on this blog. But, its a marker.

I'm no sure what will happen to my lists after this. Perhaps no change, perhaps a new sense of purpose, or perhaps less activity... but its a marker.

My Mum died on 19th September 2008

I miss her.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sculpture Diaries

Waldemar Januszczak's Sculpture Diaries

I've just watched this programme (which is available on demand for the next 7 days on Channel 4 website).

Tonight it covered Land Art and showed the Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt. They looked amazing sitting in the Utah desert but the care and attention to their positioning makes them even more impressive. You can read more about it on Wikipedia

I was first struck by the giant structures framing the sun (they are placed as a X along the lines of the winter solstice and summer solstice) and the holes drilled through them which projects a constellation inside them.

The tunnels themselves offer shelter from the desert sun but also allow you to walk amongst the stars.

I love discovering new art!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

stranded colour wheel

Using stranded cottons in 6 colours I'm stitching a colour wheel, mixing the 6 colours to get 12.

I'm just using straight stitches and I may try darning too...

I like the overlapping straight lines... reminds me of my frottage mat.

Knitting - Toddler Girl's shrug

4ply stocking stitch marathon... only another 20" to go...

Studio Journal - colour schemes

I've done some more 'formal' colour schemes in my sketchbook. Inspired by exercises in Sharon B's Studio Journal class and my Half a Mile to Pittenweem piece.

I love the intensity of watercolour pencils, although my purples look very similar!

Studio Journal - another colour pile

this time from magazine cuttings. This is quite therapeutic and addictive. I can see me adding to this..

Thursday, 4 September 2008

a really long list

Toddler Girl has not been inclined to have an afternoon nap recently and I find that I don't feel inclined to stitch much at night - hence my lack of actual stitching. I do have lots of ideas as I DO feel inclined to think at night!

1. Complete Half a Mile to Pittenweem for Fife Art Exhibition (1st Nov - 28th Nov at Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery).
2. Work through my colour wheel exercises (using my watercolour pencils and stranded cottons)
3. Apply for a Visual Arts Award. Deadlines 3rd Oct 08 and 6 Feb 09.
4.Write my Christmas list - one where I spend no money, one where I spend a little money.
5. Make some cards using materials I have to hand and do 2 things - talk to a local shop re selling them and photograph them and list them on Etsy.
6. Rework 3 pieces from my recent exhibition, i.e. take them out the frame.
7. Knit or sew some clothes for Toddler Girls babies.
8. Read through all my bookmarked business links and make another list of things to do!
9. Plant the 325 free spring bulbs I've just ordered and clear the garden of the summer annuals.
10. Make a cardboard kitchen for Toddler Girl.
11. Knit a pair of socks.
12. Perfect the art of mineral powder foundation.
13. Help Hubby set up his business!
14. Complete a marketing course through Aberdeen College.
15. Finish knitting Toddler Girls shrug and hoodie
16. Knit a pair of socks.
17. Use my Procion Dye!
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