Sunday, 19 October 2008


Anna at Serendity has been posting samples inspired by Klimt. It reminds me of how much I like his work. I must look out my book and postcard collection...

a really long list - update

1. Complete Half a Mile to Pittenweem for Fife Art Exhibition (1st Nov - 28th Nov at Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery). Completed!
2. Work through my colour wheel exercises (using my watercolour pencils and stranded cottons). Doing it.
3. Apply for a Visual Arts Award. Deadlines 3rd Oct 08 and 6 Feb 09. Nope, couldn't think of what to apply for. I need time not materials.
4.Write my Christmas list - one where I spend no money, one where I spend a little money. Only 6 presents to go.
5. Make some cards using materials I have to hand and do 2 things - talk to a local shop re selling them and photograph them and list them on Etsy. Nope.
6. Rework 3 pieces from my recent exhibition, i.e. take them out the frame. Nope.
7. Knit or sew some clothes for Toddler Girls babies. Nope.
8. Read through all my bookmarked business links and make another list of things to do! Yep.
9. Plant the 325 free spring bulbs I've just ordered and clear the garden of the summer annuals. 100 planted, 225 to go.
10. Make a cardboard kitchen for Toddler Girl. Nearly built, need to think about decorating it.
11. Knit a pair of socks. I have wool.
12. Perfect the art of mineral powder foundation. Think it looks ok...
13. Help Hubby set up his business! On going!
14. Complete a marketing course through Aberdeen College. Starting this week.
15. Finish knitting Toddler Girls shrug and hoodie. Gave up on hoodie, shrug on going.
16. Use my Procion Dye! Nope.

Cardboard kitchen - update

Pom Poms

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Half a Mile to Pittenweem

Finished. I am entering it into the Fife Art Exhibition which is at the Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery (1st - 28th Nov).

I'm really pleased with it. I had intended to use finer threads for a more impressionistic effect. But when I started stitching, I liked it chunky. More sketchy. And bold.

I wish I had taken some WIP photos. As usual I stitched then unpicked then stitched and unpicked (several times). I liked the colours and the contrast immediately but the weaving/darning technique took some trial and error. Especially the green field.

I still want to do more with my colour experiments and stranded cottons.

I entered Patch of Sea last year. It was a piece developed as part of Sharon B's Sumptuous Surfaces course on Joggles. The brief was to use neutral tones, which is not a colour palette I usually use. I was really happy with the result but at the exhibition it was hung in the neutrally toned room. Next door was the big bold colourful room. THAT is the room I want this year! Although Half a Mile to Pittenweem is only 10cm x 10cm.

Obviously I have to get selected first. I maybe shouldn't be so picky about how it is hung...

The inspirational photograph. Taken half a mile to Pittenweem, from St Monans.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Artist Statement

I plan to apply for some commissions/exhibitions in the coming months.

I need to write an artist statement.

oh dear. Help is only a google away.

Molly Gordon
Art Business
Artist Foundation

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I found Reuben Miller's 22 alphabets via Crafty Crow.

There are alphabets made from hair, elastic bands, backend of lorries, hands, people, meat etc etc. Great ideas and I love how some are presented. Maybe mess about with my own found letters in the street.

My favourite has to be the sign language alphabet.

Cupar Arts Festival 2008

I went to the preview evening last Friday. It was pouring with rain and it was dark. The exhibition includes pieces of art inside and outside. So it was maybe not the best time to go!

My friend Karen (the professional artist) had 2 pieces in a narrow claustrophobic close. She had already decided to remove the artwork each night as it was vulnerable to damage. However, given it was the opening night they were still hanging at 9pm. Sadly (unbelievably, annoyingly, frustratingly aaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!) the main piece - Banana Split - had been smashed. Between 7.45pm and 9pm the glass was smashed and it had been yanked loose from the wall. The actual banana piece wasn't damaged and she was able to re glaze it and hang it again on the Saturday. It is now taken down at 5pm each night!

It is a wonderful piece. Combined with its companion - Little Girls Flower - it suits the narrow dingy close. With the added sound effects of rowdy neighbours and pouring rain it is an unsettling viewing.

And she should feel very proud!

I'll reserve my opinion of the festival until I see it again in daylight. The outside elements seemed to lack something... not enough of them maybe... maybe I just don't get some of them.
There is a wonderful room at the YMCA which charts the drawing skills of children. I found it especially interesting given Toddler Girls mark making.

Knitting - my scarf - FINISHED!

its a HUGE 3.5m long.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Cupar Arts Festival 2008

My friend Karen (the professional artist) is showing at the Cupar Arts Festival. It runs from 10th - 26th October.

Artworks are installed at indoor and outdoor sites throughout Cupar. They include visual art / public art, music, performance poetry, and workshops. has more details.

Hopefully take a photo tomorrow night at the preview.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cardboard kitchen

After a couple of months collecting boxes, I've cut out all the bits to make Toddler Girl her cardboard kitchen.

I now need a stanley knife to cut out all the notches...

a sampler...

I made for my Mum in 2003. One of my first and last cross stitch pieces. I think the pattern is from a Jane Greenoff magazine.

a plate...

I made for my Mum in 2004 with the help of my friend Kate who had a pottery business. I can't take credit for the design idea or technique (my finger and the end of a paint brush) but I can take credit for the 6 hours it took to paint.

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