Sunday, 2 November 2008

a really long list - update

1. Work through my colour wheel exercises (using my watercolour pencils and stranded cottons).
2 Finish my Christmas shopping.
3. Make some cards using materials I have to hand and do 2 things - talk to a local shop re selling them and photograph them and list them on Etsy.
4. Rework 3 pieces from my recent exhibition, i.e. take them out the frame.
5. Knit or sew some clothes for Toddler Girls babies.
6. Plant 165 free spring bulbs.
7. Finish the cardboard kitchen for Toddler Girl.
8. Finish my wisp scarf that I knitting with my Noro Kureyon sock wool.
9. Help Hubby set up his business!
10. Complete a marketing course through Aberdeen College.
11. Finish knitting Toddler Girls shrug... just some ribbing to go...
12. Use my Procion Dye.
13. Start my random piece...
14. Start reading books again
15. Download some new music...
16. Finish painting the kitchen door
17. Get my hair cut.

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