Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Cardboard kitchen - update

I've had to add an extra bit to the oven door as it was very very squint, so its abit behind schedule. It does have a window and a hinge.

I also had a problem with the hook for the curtain under the sink and I had to secure it with glue, hence no curtain in this picture.

The hob plates are stuck down. And all the knobs are screwed in place and are turnable.

Still to do
  1. repaint oven door and add handle and secure
  2. add H for Hot and C for Cold on the taps and maybe something on hob knobs
  3. add oven knob on front panel
  4. decorate utensils tin and suitcases
  5. add bunting!
  6. add further decoration... panels of colour or flowers...


Debra said...

This kitchen is really shaping up so cute!

Gift card printing said...

Beautiful art work.

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