Monday, 15 December 2008

Studio Journal - random pages

I started a sketchbook back in June for Sharon B's Studio Journal class.

I'm still using it... shock horror.

After humming and hawing I settled on a landscape A4 hardback spiral bound euro sketchbook, bought directly from Seawhite.

This is the type I used for my C&G course.

I like its flexibility (snipping the pages and reordering them) and the thickness of the paper.

I have photographed some of the pages to show how I'm using the book. Given my limited creative output in recent months its really become a catch all...

A collection of a perfume bottles. I aim to sketch these. I like the shapes...

A collection of clothing from Boden catalogue for inspiration... if I ever get around to embroidering Toddler Girl's t-shirts.

Recipes to try.

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