Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fife Contemporary Art & Craft - Artists and Makers Forum

Yesterday I attended a one day forum in Rothes Halls, organised by Fife Contemporary Art & Craft.

The theme for the event was Contemporary Art outwith the gallery context. Something that wasn't immediately relevant for me (as I immediately thought of sculpture in a town centre...) However it proved to be a very informative and inspiring day.

In the morning we had presentations from three groups about their experiences outwith Fife.

Ganghut - a very funny and motivating group who motivate the artist, audience and community
Big Things on the Beach - professional and positive community group
Thomson & Craighead- very clever use of 'data' -content and presentation.

and in the afternoon we heard about experiences within Fife

Keiko Mukaide
Babs McCool
Tim Fitzpatrick

Summary notes:-
  • I really enjoyed listening to artists talk about their work, thought processes, difficulties and accomplishments. Most spoke well with little arty farty gobbledygook. Talking with my Professional Artist friends (Karen and Anne) it seems art school training teaches you to continually assess and justify your work which feels a little beyond me...
  • Recession, lack of conventional gallery space and a drive to fully engage the viewer has led to artists seeking alternative options in displaying, selling and communicating with their audience... Don't narrow your exhibiting outlets and/or viewers
  • politics, red tape, more Nos than Yeses. Just do it.
On a more personal level...
  • I need to talk to more adults about non child things. I need more debate and challenge. I need to stop lurking!
  • I need to stop procrastinating and saying I don't have the time to make art and just do it.
  • What is the difference between a fibre artist and a textile artist? <insert punchline here>
Some artists groups present on the day...

Fizzy Milk - bringing contemporary art to young people
Cupar Arts & HeritageProject
Blacksand - Kirkcaldy based group of artist
DAM- Dunfermline Arts and Media Group
Ovenstone Artists

I have a thick wad of paper with the other delegates details. Tomorrow night I'll look through their info...

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