Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wacky Machines

We visited Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery today. It was mainly to see Object as Muse but we ended up spending ages in their exhibit Wacky Machines. The first room was a bit blah (especially to Toddler Girl - too many small things in cabinets) but the second was great. Very accessible exhibits for children to explore. Its not a small room and its well laid out and resourced with the usual colouring area, but also a dress up box with robot and mad scientist costumes along with three large exhibits exploring sound, movement and electricity. Most were above Toddler Girls head (literally) but she liked the balls in the 'movement table' and the very large lady who lights up inside.

The best bit was the large fuzzy felt wall, where she spent ages playing with all the bits. The bits were textural exciting, combining wool, fur, felt, fabric, with stitching, knitting, buttons etc. I especially liked the mad scientist coat with photos of 'scientific' items photocopied onto fabric and 'placed' in pockets.

However the best bit of the visit was Toddler Girls creation... I gave her lots of bits (as the board was mainly too high for her) and she asked for some specific ones too. She created Key - all by herself! I have no idea why she called him Key but she was very proud of him and I am too.

I especially liked his arms which were a couple of small knitted pieces, I had to rake about to find two of them as she was adamant they were his arms.

So, overall a good visit and one I would recommend if you are in the area. But go soon. I'm not sure how long this fuzzy felt wall will last as some of the velcro was already coming off...

Oh and I never really got to see Object as Muse. Toddler Girl was so hyper from the hands on wacky machine exhibits she thought she could play in that room too... so we made a swift exit.

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