Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dolls House - a rug

finished size 12 x 7cm (ex fringes)
4mm needles, DK in two colours

Cast on 22 stitches
knit in woven stitch pattern
changing colour every 2 rows
bind off on WS in pattern
add fringes

woven stitch over even number of stitches
RS *k1,yf, sl1*
WS *p1,yb, sl1*

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dolls House

I have a new house to decorate.

Big Girl got a Dolls House for her 3rd Birthday...

So far we (yes we) have decided on:-

2 rugs
couch cushions
table cloth
bath mat & towels
quilt and pillow

Its sooooo cute! I need to dig out my gingham and polka dots.

Sketchbook - 30 minutes with a glossy magazine

I don't buy many magazines nowadays, lack of time and lack of interest in the glossies has put me off. But every so often I indulge and ignore any feelings of inadequacy and all the ridiculous claims...

On the left are the ridiculous claims, the right is what I NEED.

no really I do!

I also glued down some 'stripes'.

Which of course after a little photo editing produced this...

and this

Monday, 28 September 2009

Christmas gifts 2009

the start of my Christmas list...

journal jar for 7 year old boy
stripey Mitts 1 - 8 year old girl
stripey Mitts 2 - 8 year old girl
black (emo) Mitts - 11 year old girl
pitter patter socks 1 - 18mth old girl
pitter patter socks 2 - 18mth old girl
pitter patter socks 3 - 18mth old girl
Penelope - 3 year old
mitts - 36 year old girl
stripey socks - 36 year old girl

Big Girl - Spider

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Beginning Embroidery - Slideshow

Created with flickr slideshow.

Beginning Embroidery

I have finished my piece for Susan Sorrell's Beginning Embroidery class on Joggles.

I started smallish, attempted to go bigger but ended up 6"x4" again!

I entered this piece into Fife Art Exhibition which opens on Saturday 3rd October.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this piece, it hasn't quite worked out how I envisaged , I think I wanted it bigger with more negative space... or maybe smaller with more stitching and texture.

I didn't really put much thought into the design, I just doodled, so that probably why I'm a bit ambivalent about it.

I did stretch it over a box canvas so that is a bit different for me.

Anyhoo, at least I completed something!

This is my favourite detail...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

a long random list

  1. design Microsoft Access database and easy to use interface to store customer special orders, subscriptions and wish lists for Kingdom of Adventure
  2. continue to develop record keeping for Kingdom of Adventure
  3. organise a surprise for someone - sshhhhhh!
  4. baby gift - paint fabric, stitch and frame
  5. contact lots of various people re an outdoor space for local playgroup including grants and funding
  6. finish my Beginning Embroidery piece (now called Beginning Miro) for the Fife Art Exhibition 2009, i.e. 19th September.
  7. start to clear garden of summer flowers plant some bulbs in garden
  8. write my definitive Christmas list and execute it!
  9. rip out wall cupboards and extractor fan in kitchen, paper and paint walls and fit open shelving
  10. fix living room curtains!
  11. make lots of soft furnishings (cushions, curtains, rugs, towels) for Big Girl's Big House ("Its the biggest house I've ever seen!")
  12. finish all the unfinished knitting projects, including 2 ugly bags and a monster
  13. finish my ECDL in Excel spreadsheet course
  14. start an advanced Access database course
  15. plan my route to Art College
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