Saturday, 14 November 2009

Christmas gifts 2009

my Christmas list so far....

journal jar for 7 year old boy

stripey mitts 1 - 9 year old girl

stripey mitts 2 - 8 year old girl

stripey mitts 3 - 8 year old girl

black (emo) mitts - 11 year old girl

mitts - 4 year old girl

mitts - 3 year old girl

pitter patter socks 1 - 18mth old girl

pitter patter socks 2 - 18mth old girl

Penelope - 3 year old

doughnuts - 2.5 year old girl

doughnuts - 3 year old girl

mitts - 36 year old girl

stripey socks - 36 year old girl

a felt sandwich like this one!

magic painting box like this one here

crayon roll like this one here

a long random list - update

Not much has been changed...

  1. design Microsoft Access database and easy to use interface to store customer special orders, subscriptions and wish lists for Kingdom of Adventure
  2. continue to develop record keeping for Kingdom of Adventure
  3. organise a surprise for someone - sshhhhhh!
  4. baby gift - paint fabric, stitch and frame
  5. contact lots of various people re an outdoor space for local playgroup including grants and funding
  6. finish my Beginning Embroidery piece (now called Beginning Miro) for the Fife Art Exhibition 2009, i.e. 19th September.
  7. start to clear garden of summer flowers plant some bulbs in garden
  8. write my definitive Christmas list and execute it!
  9. rip out wall cupboards and extractor fan in kitchen, paper and paint walls and fit open shelving
  10. fix living room curtains!
  11. make lots of soft furnishings (cushions, curtains, rugs, towels) for Big Girl's Big House ("Its the biggest house I've ever seen!")
  12. finish all the unfinished knitting projects, including 2 ugly bags and a monster
  13. finish my ECDL in Excel spreadsheet course
  14. start an advanced Access database course
  15. plan my route to Art College
  16. start a business
  17. find a how to build a website course
  18. make doughnuts
  19. make a pretty needle book
  20. make 20 random cards
  21. clear the leaves....
  22. list another load of stuff on eBay - photo,weigh, list, sell, package, post
  23. decorate a 4ft snowflake...

Monday, 9 November 2009

Knitting - hand warmers

One done, one to go.

They are really nice (if I do say so myself!)

I used Garnstudio's Drops Silke-Tweed (5ply) and this pattern.

These are for a gift, but I want a pair too! So... I found this pattern (Kumara) which uses aran weight yarn which should make it a quicker knit...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

still alive

I am still here... just not making anything... I'm not even compiling any crafty lists (unless you count Big Girl's Christmas list)...

I've been busy with this and this and something else which I'll talk about later...

Big Girl has been far more creative than me recently...

hopefully have some more arty crafty things (by me!) at some point....
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