Monday, 14 December 2009

2009 review

a list of my ideas and projects from 2009

sewing on leaves - no more sewing done...

art cubes - nothing done for ages...

blue cone

backsides - like this idea still

location location - no progress at all, and I was very excited about this!

pom poms - no progress really...

softies - a few made
20 Cards - slow slow slow
Dolls House - some progress
Small Stitching - not even attempted
recycling - forgot about this!
Exhibition 2009 - CANCELLED
sock - still not got a pair!!!
self portrait - haven't even described it yet

and no need for the strike through font

and I haven't included any originating in previous years

I did have several ideas for exhibitions through the year but only managed one (and I wasn't even happy with that)

oh dear, another procrastinating year...

I need to write an "I did it list!"

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