Saturday, 12 December 2009

Knitting - a secret blanket

In October my stitching group hatched a plan to create a patchwork blanket for Karen (the Professional Artist) in recognition of her enthusiasm and dedication to the group.

8 people contributed squares knitted using a Lion Brand pattern, double knitting wool, 4mm needles.

I came out really well! (after many many hours!)

The variety in colours and subtle textures have made a really warm vibrant blanket!

it measures approx 120cm x 105cm

I learnt a lot through its organisation and construction!

1. either ask everyone to weave in ends OR specify the length of tail to be left, to ensure its long enough to use to sew up!
2. keep an eye on tension, some knitters are looser than others, luckily we weren't aiming for perfection but some squares were very big compared to the tighter squares...
3. leave enough time for finishing with a nice edge... knit, crochet or fringes...

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