Saturday, 17 July 2010

Knitting - Summer Flies Shawl

I have posted before my fascination with knitted shawls.

(even though I don't wear shawls, rarely knit anything bigger than childs cardigan, and have never attempted anything more than a simple yarn over)

This was obviously the exception and the jury's still out if I will actually wear it as I found it quite small.

I am now (slightly) obsessed about this shawl pattern which popped up on Ravelry's New & Popular list.

Its called Summer Flies and the version in the pattern is knitted in a bamboo DK.

There are many other versions on Ravelry to inspire me... and many of these knitters say its a quick knit and an easy pattern....


I do have some Twilley's Freedom Gorgeous DK in my stash....

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