Saturday, 24 July 2010

Knitting - Summer Flies Shawl

An update on my Summer Flies shawl...

I started on 18th July with some Freedom Gorgeous DK I had stashed (I was going to knit a top for E but never got round to it).  I was a bit concerned that the dark purple is to ‘heavy’ for the lace design. I’m not a shawl wearer so I have no frame of reference!  It has gone very well and very quickly and IS relatively easy.

This is only the second ‘shawl’ I’ve done and the second ‘lace’ pattern and I’ve not had any problems.

I was abit concerned that it could be too small (some people on ravelry have commented on that and the Freedom Gorgeous DK is a thinner Double Knit so my shawl could come out smaller)

So, being a broad back busty lady and having ~500 yards of yarn I decided to do some extra rows following a fellow Raveller's modifications.

Now only (ONLY! I have 508 stitches on the needles) have 4 rows of the ruffle to do THEN the picot edge bind off….

I have never done a picot edge bind off... and certainly not with 508 stitches...

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