Monday, 12 July 2010

to do list

I feel the need for a to do list

St Monans Art Festival - ideas to explore - Lantern, Pom Pom, Windmill and Forth Street.
St Monans Art Festival - Display/demo of all things knitting (in conjunction with Stitching group)
Patchwork Hexagons
Knitted toys  - Everything's Rosie (Rosie, Raggles and 3 Acorns) and Angelina
Shawl ideas
Scrappy Scarf
design, write, print and distribute a zine (I'm toying with a knitting theme)
set in sleeves of E's ballet cardigan
business plan - (number crunching time for yarn shop)
annual 'report' for Kingdom of Adventure - (sounds more grand than it is, but no less complicated)
Oh. and I've signed up for an AS Level in English Language and Literature.  I do have 2 years to complete the course...

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