Tuesday, 7 September 2010

moleskine hacks

I've been researching ideas on how to use my new Moleskine.
  • Start a 'work' to do list at the top of the page and work your way down.  Start a personal to do list at the bottom and work your way up.  As seen here.
  • There is a fuller explanation here.  I need a master to do list!  I especially like how things get moved forward to each day to do list.  So even if you don't actually do everything that day you do get to put a mark in the box...
  • There is a big hack list here.
  • I quite like this reminder on mind maps...
  • I think I should end each day or week with an I Did It list.
  • Some paper inspiration can be seen here on Ahhh-Design.  I especially like the layout for blog post planning here and also here at 74 Lime Lane.
  • There is also this layout for projects along the lines of Getting Things Done (GTD) which looks interesting.  Its inspired by this.
  • This is also a good idea - doodle and explore on the left hand page, formal list on the main part of right hand page with actions broken out in separate column.
I have learnt from my previous 'lets get organised!' phases that the simpler the better... hence why these are all quite simple hacks... (if I were to go completely GTD my head would explode).

I think its more about how to use a blank page of paper to efficiently capture random ideas, to do lists and calendar...and if it looks nice all the better!

This is a nice post about how different people use their Moleskine notebooks.  I like it because it shows them rough and ready - so many photos of Moleskines in action are quite intimidating or is that just my insecurity?

Anyway in my searches I was reminded of Cornell note taking.  And then I remembered I'm supposed to be doing a AS Level in English Literature and Language...

How did that drop of my to do list?

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