Friday, 10 December 2010

Sea Queen Day 2011

I've started thinking about Sea Queen day 2011.  Our stitching group has a stall each year at this local gala.

We raise money for a local charity.

Its not until the summer and I'm thinking this far ahead as I keep moving balls of yarn from one shelf to another and I need a plan of action!

I've managed to pick up some yarn in a charity shop and my Mother In Law bought some at her church sale.  Most of its blue - which is good as we always have people asking for baby boy things.

Sirdar Snuggly 4ply in pale blue approx 500 yards.  Baby v- neck jumper from Sirdar, available for free here. Although comments on Ravelry suggest that it's quite complicated and time consuming... certainly would be for me as it involves cables!  I suppose I could knit the smallest size...

Robin DK in beige approx 600m.  Childs placket-neck pullover, Ravelry link

Sirdar Country Style (blue Fair Isle effect?) DK approx 477m. Baby Hoodie from Bernat

Sirdar Snuggly DK in white 197 yards.  A hat?

I also have 6 balls (4 blue and 2 white) of a DK but there is no yardage listed...

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CarmenSays said...

that's why I thank god for ravelry lol I LOVE that if you lose the ball band on your yarn and forget the yardage, you'll always find it on ravelry :] great blog btw xx

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