Sunday, 16 January 2011

adventures in cardboard

My previous cardboard creations are here.  My newest one is based on this schematic at What I Made.  This blog is amazingly illustrated and NOT cute (in a good way!)


I made some modifications - I removed the gun turret, added more windows and some hinges so Four Year Old could play inside it too, she also requested stairs.  The secret slide exit is a triumphant - held in place with a paper fastener. 

I love it!  Four Year Old seems to like it too  - especially the flat roof and slide.  But its not a fort... "its a farmhouse Mummy!"


Scott said...

How cool! I love the modifications - the front wall that lifts up on hinges is a great idea. And I had to laugh at the "it's not a fort it's a farmhouse..." comment. Thank you for sharing your creation, I feel really chuffed! All the best. Scott:-)

sara's art house said...

This looks like so much fun!

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