Saturday, 22 January 2011

calendar challenge

Finally some calender like pages (I decided to go for a 4cm square)...



Further embellishment will be added...  I would really like a little snowflake stamp for the January page..

HOWEVER I think I may have hit a snag.  I like painting papers. sticking stuff down and doodling but I'm not so keen on the writing* bit....that bit may take a little more discipline...

Ideas to overcome this include:-

  • Stick to facts.  For example recording the weather (cue weather symbols).
  • Have a theme for the month.  For example in March I imagine seed planting will be a priority.
  • Keep it simply decorative.  For example try out different fonts.
  • Make it a proper scrapbook and stick down an item used each day or something new discovered.
  • Photo challenge - take a photo each day, print, cut out an interesting square and stick it down.

*I'm sure writing isn't compulsory

1 comment:

ANNA said...

I love what you have done so far and agree with you about the difficulty of writing. I have really struggled and written things like 'pants day at work' which is rubbish. I love your ideas about sticking things in like mini photos will try that idea and just doodling or sticking things that relate to the day. look forward to seeing your Jan completed !

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