Sunday, 30 January 2011

Knit a Poem

Stanza is Scotland's International Poetry Festival held in St Andrews, Fife.  March 16 - 20th, 2011.

This year they are doing a knitted poem inspired by this huge project by The Poetry Society in London 2009...  It measure 13 x 9 metres!

a LARGE knitted poem

Anne-Marijke from The Woolly Brew knitting group is co-ordinating the knitters and has also written a haiku to celebrate the craft.

Colours, yarn and strands
Unified in a texture -
Pins in busy hands

I have been assigned the letters A and N.

I've never done any colour work, other than stripes so this is nice challenge for me.  The squares are to measure approximately 15cm x 15cm and given my loose tension and the need to keep the stitches firm to get  good letter definition I may have to practice a bit!

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