Sunday, 23 January 2011

knitting - cloths

I have finally knitted some cloths.  As a member of Ravelry I've come across many many patterns.  Its not something I have seen my own family and friends do or use, and perhaps its just a Ravelry bias, but it does seem to be BIG in America.

I am toying with the idea of doing a set as a wedding gift for my fellow Woolly Brewer Karen.  For many reasons - its knitted, it can be a keepsake and as a wee joke, "its a dishcloth!"

I bought a ball of unbleached cotton and tried out some patterns here...


I only cast on 30/31 stitches and I think they are too loose (my tension again).  But they look really nice...  I think as a gift for someone who has a guest bathroom or downstairs loo or indeed who cares about the aesthetics of any of their bathrooms...  or indeed their kitchen sink.

Add a little bar of soap and tie with twill tape or raffia...

I need to knit another one and try it out on some pots (and spots).

These ones are destined for Burntisland and someone who does have a deserving bathroom.

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