Thursday, 24 February 2011

St Monans International Food Festival

Each year St Monans has an amazing International Food Festival.

There are many tables of different cuisines all cooked by enthusiastic amateurs.  Tables in the past have featured foods from amongst others Japan, Mexico, France, Eastern Europe, Australia...  There has also been a pudding table and last year for the first time a cake table - manned by me and Karen and featuring the culinary talents of the Tuesday night knitting group and friends.

Last year I made - Lamingtons (ok), chocolate babka (lovely!) and orange scented semolina cake (not so lovely)... but this year I am going to make these courtesy of my Beautiful Baking book...

Bara Brith

Spanish orange and almond cake

glazed mango sponge

These photos are from the Reader Digest book and not from my kitchen.... 

St Monans International Food Festival, Saturday 5th March, Church Hall, St Monans.  Tickets at the door.


lilscottieme said...

"These photos are from the Reader Digest book and not from my kitchen"

Yes for a moment as I scrolled down, I'm like why have I not tasted these from your kitchen!

Fiona said...

who are you kidding? you wouldn't eat any of them!

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