Tuesday, 29 March 2011

garden 2011 - veggies

Four Year Old and I planted our veg seeds today - perhaps a little early given the Scottish weather...

I have another seed tray on order and I hope to do succession planting this year with the beans and peas and radish so we can enjoy them throughout the summer and not just for 6 weeks!

each column has 5 cells (thus hopefully 5 plants!) and from left to right we have

Courgette Venus F1 Hybrid
Squash (summer) sunburst F1
Dwarf Bean
French bean (Blue Lake)
Pea Avola

The empty cells are for our red cordon tomatoes and yellow bush tomatoes and our little cucumbers (NEW for 2011) which haven't arrived yet.

I have also ordered a new plastic cover for our walk in greenhouse.  The old one was rather battered and ripped after last summers winds... which reminds me... I need some kind of windbreaker for the bean and pea wigwams...

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