Saturday, 16 April 2011


using a tweaked  Alan Dart Wedding Cake pattern

Happy Wedding Day Karen & Dougie (and James & Lucy!)

Despite starting this cake way back on 21st January it was only finished this week, in fact 2 days before the wedding!

But as expected the finishing took a long time.  Especially as I was unhappy with the original cake decoration... too formal.  One word that Karen used repeatedly to describe the wedding was cheery, so with some experiments and some new found skills (I CAN crochet flowers!) the cake is (I think) cheery but not childish (which was my concern)

I am VERY happy with  it.  It has been a lot of work but totally worth it for a lovely bride (and bald groom).

the bride looking chuffed and the groom looking proud

I love how the flowers and hair  turned out!

a sporran!

The flowers are simply a crochet chain joined in a ring with wire (and few beads)  looped through it.  The wire is then wrapped in green wool for a stem.

The sporran is cardboard wrapped in grey wool with beads and small 'tassle' of wool.  I did start to make a miniature chain belt but felt that was probably going too far...

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lilscottieme said...

Very cool, so much detail!

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