Thursday, 14 April 2011

garden 2011 - veggies update

sadly the peas and beans didn't make it.  I think it was too hot inside the propagator (non heated just a clear lid in a conservatory) and they got scorched....

The courgettes and squash did ok and I have potted them on (we did lose 2 squash as the stem was growing downwards (seed in wrong way?)

Courgette sown 29th March

Squash sown 29th March
So I've resown some pea and bean seeds but I've not put them inside a propagator...

peas, beans and lettuce sown 14th April
I added some lettuce seeds as a wee experiment.  The lettuce is miniature iceberg hearts.

Our tomato and cucumber seeds arrived and are now in the propagator...

red and yellow tomato, cucumber, pepper, basil sown 14th April

along with some pepper.

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