Thursday, 14 April 2011

to do list update

I'm here but my laptop is too temperamental to use! 

(not including Kingdom of Adventure or The Woolly Brew)

knit a bride, a cake and cake board and assemble.  The groom is done... also need to do some piping too...  photos will be posted on Saturday!
finish the sleeve of Four Year Olds cardigan - almost done 
knit my other handwarmer since my chunky ones are looking a bit manky
finish the no stripe baby jumper
knit more stuff for Sea Queen!
do more with my hexagons
make up a photo frame for Four Year Olds 5th year photos!
knit one doll for a 3rd birthday... like this one... and this one
make something special...
have a look at this... a free online professional photography course at HP
knit a gauge swatch for this
pot on 42 Zinnias

dream about knitting with this

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