Thursday, 28 April 2011

to do list update

(not including Kingdom of Adventure or The Woolly Brew)

finish the sleeve of Four Year Olds cardigan - FINISHED - photos here
knit my other handwarmer since my chunky ones are looking a bit manky
finish the no stripe baby jumper- BINNED, I don't like the pattern (knitting in bits) or the yarn.
knit more stuff for Sea Queen! - URGENT!
do more with my hexagons  - er... now spawned some new projects...
crochet hexagons
teeny tiny hexagons
make up a photo frame for Four Year Olds 5th year photos!
knit one doll for a 3rd birthday... like this one... and this one -  overdue
make something special... now very overdue....
have a look at this... a free online professional photography course at HP
do more on my cardigan...
start planting up my petunias (and giving them away!)

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