Wednesday, 18 May 2011

iPad madness (part 1)

My brother recently bought an iPad.  For him it makes sense, taking into account his lifestyle and current media needs.

He brought it up last week for a visit... and I am smitten...

I use a laptop (a 'new' hand me down from hubby) and to a lesser extent a desktop PC.  I use them for:-

  • book-keeping
  • photo editing and storage
  • creation of packaging and documents
  • word processing
  • document storage (mostly patterns & tutorials!)
  • email
  • Internet use

My Internet usage is mostly:-

  • Google Reader for the blogs I read
  • home shopping - including groceries
  • my blog
  • The Woolly Brew
  • social media - only Facebook really
  • surfing!  I currently use and highly recommend Evernote for 'clipping' ideas and info
  • news and radio and I've been watching/listening to a few videos recently too

My laptop is perfectly adequate for all of these.

Add to that, I don't like computer games (apart from solitaire on my mobile phone).  I don't watch movies or read fiction or indeed listen to music anymore and I don't have any desire to have 'facetime' with anyone.  And  I don't have an extensive social network to follow, like, share or tweet.... nor do I need to do much 'on the move'.

So why spend £399 on an entry level iPad (and £35 on a cover and maybe £20 on apps)?  Especially when I have no income and there are many more pressing things to spend extra money on...

And especially when I will only use it for things I already do on my laptop and paper diary....

er...  it will look nicer

Is that a good enough reason?

When I worked (a job that paid) and travelled, I had a Palm Pilot (circa 1996) and I remember being totally obsessed with that too and used it extensively for diaries and lists and note taking... I even learnt how to write using graffiti...

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