Friday, 20 May 2011

iPad madness (part 2)

A list of apps for my iPad (once I have saved up hundreds of pounds....)

It comes with 18 apps... including Safari (internet browser), iBooks (organise and read books, pdfs, documents etc), Notes (for note taking using the on screen keyboard).

Other apps I think I may need are:-

iAnnotate PDF (£5.99)- for taking notes on my patterns etc.
Flipboard (free) - puts all my social media in a magazine layout
Note Taker HD (£2.99) - writing and organising handwritten notes (may need a stylus?)
TuneIn Radio Pro (£0.99)- for listening to the radio!
Blogsy ($2.99) or BlogPress ($2.99) - writing blog posts

I'm going to read through the I love my iPad group on Ravelry for more ideas...

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