Wednesday, 11 May 2011

to do list update

(not including Kingdom of Adventure or The Woolly Brew)

knit my other handwarmer since my chunky ones are looking a bit manky
knit more stuff for Sea Queen! - URGENT!
  • finish cable bag
  • knit a baby jumper
  • knit a childs hat 
  • knit another doll - not sure which one.. Poppy/Rosie or Dolly or something different...
make up a photo frame for Four Year Olds 5th year photos!

make something special... now very very overdue....
do more on my cardigan... I'm going to wash and (discretely) wear my swatch
read my new books!
gut the front garden - weed, lift the roses, dig, add some manure, plant some shrubs...
shrubs donated by Father in Law

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