Thursday, 30 June 2011

Calendar Challenge - June 2011

My June page for Calendar Challenge.

Half way through!

A linky to other pages by other participants is at The Kathryn Wheel.

This page has photographed better than it looks in real life.  I spent less time aimlessly doodling this month... but you can't beat some black paint and a piece of bubble wrap!

In fact I haven't even prepared a page for July yet!



Friday, 24 June 2011

empire biscuits

Made by Nearly School Girl for her Nursery Fun Day.  Very cheery!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

knitting - eternity cowl

Despite an unfinished Poppy I have cast on for my Eternity Cowl using Rowan Lima.

This yarn is 84% baby alpaca.  It is very very very very soft.  This is my first time knitting with alpaca.  I'm holding the needles very loosely as I don't want to hurt the yarn!  Its soooooo squishy.  It will be very cosy round my neck...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

garden 2011 - update

broad beans

courgette (sown 18th March)

baby sweetcorn (sown 20th May)

French Bean (Sown 14th April)


Tomato and Cucmber (sown 14th April)

Peas (Sown 14th April)
mini veg plot

Monday, 20 June 2011

iPad madness (part 6)

So, I think I've solved my iPad problems re photos and blogging (ramblings here).

I tried out Blogsy today and it worked really well, within 10 minutes I had worked out how to link my blog and my flickr account and publish a post.  Blogsy can also link to other web albums but I think I'll stick to Flickr and go back to a Pro account.  Flickr also links to Picnik which I do like for photo editing.  Although Picnik won't work on the iPad as its Flash based....  I think I'll check out other photo editing apps...

I won't use Dropbox for photos.  Thus no duplication....

I did find this app - FlickStackr (£1.19) which looks good for using Flickr and uploading photos.  Although I will need this:-

iPad Camera Connection Kit (£25)
The iPad Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera: using your camera’s USB cable or directly from an SD card.

and FlickStackr also says this:-

"NOTE : Under iOS 4.x, FlickStackr may require "Location Access" to be able to browse the photo library. This is an iOS 4.x limitation imposed by Apple to apps. Other apps which do not require it will NOT get you Exif or full resolution."

Which I don't fully understand the implications of...

Of course this may all change... 

Hello from my brother's iPad!

I'm typing this blog post using blowsy BLOGSY! Not sure it will work....

This is how you link?...... I think.

That link doesn't work..... Mmmmmmm

This is a photo from Flickr

Another link done a different way.

Cut and paste.

Very intuitive....

Is there a spell check?

OK.... Now to publish.

Had to edit.... Got the blog address wrong! (and edit again because I was typing too fast on the on-screen keyboard!)

Friday, 17 June 2011

new way to view blogger blogs...

found via How About Orange.

Did you know about this?  Dynamic views for readers.

For a flipcard view simply add /view/flipcard to the end of a blogger blog address...

Just click on the blog title to view another blogger blog

A good way to get an overview of a new blog...

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Last year I blogged about Karen and I opening a Local Yarn Shop.

We have been looking for suitable premises for over a year.  In the meantime we started The Woolly Brew and designed and made yarn and felt kits.  We sold these at local craft fairs and gift shops.

We set up our websiteFacebook page and newsletter. We talked with lots of people - knitters, financial and business advisers and family and friends.   And still we looked for suitable premises...

We checked out several but as we are very keen to stay in East Neuk - the area needs a good shop and we want to stay close to home - there wasn't much to choose from!

Finally after a tip off from one of our knitting group ladies we have found a shop!

The Woolly Brew - the yarn shop.  Coming to Pittenweem High Street December 2011.


Monday, 13 June 2011

orange and blue

I picked up some fabric at the weekend.

I also picked up a ball of cotton - very cheap cotton (50% cottton, 50% acrylic).  I used it for a little treble crochet practice.  It came out abit velvety (its the orangey red one).

Inspired I did another one using some Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton (duck egg blue) - it was lovely if a bit splitty.

And to round it off (and to compare mercerised with not mercerised) I used Patons 100% Cotton (the one we use in The Woolly Brew Crochet kit).  Its crispy compared to the others.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

knitting - Sea Queen Day

It was rather wet so numbers were down, but it was still a good day... feel abit chilly now though

We had The Woolly Brew kits and the charity stall...

the newborn cardigan and some cakes were unsold and Poppy although unfinished should be sold...

celebrity moment... bare with me

Whilst on Ravelry searching yet again for top down cardigans I did a wee search for a bolero.  I have one which I wear often and I've tried before to knit one but haven't managed to get a good fit, feeling a little more confident in my abilities I think I will give it another go (especially as I can't find one I would like to buy).

So I found a pattern to buy, Lemongrass by Stephanie Japel.  Its not quite like the one I have but it looks interesting to knit and looks nice both open and closed.  A further search for a yarn to knit it with led me to the Drops website - a yarn brand I have used before and one I think we should investigate further for The Woolly Brew yarn store (more on that later).

Back to Ravelry to read what others think of the yarn Nepal, I decided to have a look at other peoples projects to look at the colours and reviews etc.  Apparently it has very good stitch definition!

Anyway back to the designers website and Drops to find out about yardage and how much I would need to buy... I notice Stephanie has a free stuff link.  Saving for my iPad I decided to take a wee look.

Therapi - a long open cardigan - caught my eye.  Its similar to one I bought last year but never liked - too tight across the back and it bobbled as soon as I looked at it...

So back to Ravelry to check out its projects and read reviews and advice etc and one stood out - bright pink!  Not my colour to wear but I like to look at it...

The notes left by the knitter were amusing and a word of warning given she knitted the XS and I would be the XL at least...  And it looked good on her and she looked familiar....

I clicked through to her profile page and I vaguely recognised the name... quick google and its Astrid from Fringe!

I maybe need to step away from the Internet...

Friday, 10 June 2011


new slideshow of a Woolly Brew Bangle Bag Kit posted on The Woolly Brew site using resized photos and our new Flickr account... phew...

I've also been making some little extras for us to sell at Sea Queen Day tomorrow - didn't quite manage my original quota but there are 25 various stick pins, kirby grips and hair clasps..

this photo is not resized and took longer to upload...

I'm trying to work out the best way to manage my photos especially re blogging.  Not so happy with Picasa - mainly because I have lots of photos and they are saved on a network.  I'm trying to use Dropbox so I can access them on the iPad.  Can't be bothered transferring everything over (HUGE files) so thought I could resize the photos and reduce time and file size but it takes a while to resize in Picnik... just resize the new photos and upload them to Dropbox?  I of course don't blog about all my photos so don't need to have immediate access to them all but then I'm not just sorting by subject matter but also how I'm going to use them.. again abit of a phaff... AND without even realising it I've reached the limit on my Picasa web album just by having this blog!  I need to buy more storage (which is cheap).  BUT also realised that editing - rotating, cropping etc does not change the original file just the image in the Picasa album... I'm confused... and I don't even have an iPad!  maybe would be easier if I did...

I think I need to draw a picture or something to get my head round this...

testing resized photos...

how does this look?  I've reduced the file size....

Thursday, 9 June 2011


351 unread posts in my Google Reader
82 posts away from 1000 on this blog... (oh giveaway?)
£98 in my iPad jam jar (miscounted earlier - forgot my loose change jar)

iPad madness (part 5)

£85 raised so far...

fund raising may stall for a while whilst The Woolly Brew takes over... and I hunt for other stuff to sell....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

garden 2011 - update

mini veg plot
I lost a pea plant to the slugs and the french beans have not done well (too cold and windy perhaps).  But the lettuce is doing well.  The radish is looking good and the carrots are peeping through too.

Cucumber are going great guns!

Cucumber sown 14th April

Courgette sown 18th March

Courgettes have also struggled with the chop and change weather... would have been better to leave them in the conservatory for longer I think... radish are doing well though...

Tomatoes are ok... although I have mixed them up and I'm not entirely sure which are cordon and which are bush...

Still haven't got the cover on the greenhouse... this weekend maybe.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Knitting - cable vest for a baby

A free pattern from naturallycaron finished for Sea Queen day on 11th June.

I only cabled the front (kept the knit and purl pattern only on the back), fudged picking up the stitches around the v-neck (again!) and didnt have the right sized needles...

quite pleased though... I've done three cable projects this year!
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Calendar Challenge - June 2011

A rather blank, stark page for June... wonder what it will look like at the end of the month....

I'm using Picasa to upload this and write this post... I've started to shift my files about in readiness for my iPad (£98 raised so far!)

Edited to make the photo bigger and add some links and tags... and why is there a Picasa logo here...
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